All-Time Classics: Spotify’s Most Streamed Songs Ever!

Spotify’s rise to the ultimate music streaming app is impressive, when you consider that Apple – the company that probably owns 50% of the world – no doubt felt they had the electronic entertainment market on lockdown.

Less than 1% of iTunes users are still subscribed to Apple Music after their free three-month subscription ended, whilst Spotify’s 60million subscribers grows daily.

Spotify’s latest great social media interaction is #2017wrapped, where it gives each user a breakdown of the minutes of music they’ve listened to in that year, plus their top five most played songs and top five most listened to artists.

It’s a great way for users to engage with one another and enlighten others to bands or songs they may not have discovered yet. Or it’s a great way to embrace those guilty pleasures – there must be someone out there with S Club 7 in their top five, and if that’s you, CLICKON salutes you.

Spotify’s greatest addition is the ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, a combination of songs that, based on your musical tastes, the music streaming site puts forward as recommendations – it’s a cool idea, and will regularly suggest a song, that you love and certainly wouldn’t have discovered previously, with many of the suggestions bands that are yet to truly make the mark on the musical world.

Spotify gives a platform to millions of artists that previously wouldn’t have been heard outside of the karaoke night of their local pub.

But, as always is this case, there has to be a winner in everything this modern day society does – yeah, we know; it’s draining. So, which songs, in amongst the 30million different ones that Spotify offers, can claim to be the most popular song of the 21st century, to date?

Justin Bieber has five – FIVE ✋ – songs in the top fifteen most played Spotify tracks of all-time – you’ve got to hand it to the guy, for whatever your thoughts about his singing ability, he can’t half market himself well.

If only Spotify was around at the height of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and The Beatles’ power, we’d have a list of songs that would give you a) more faith in society and b) remember time when music wasn’t robot noises and DJs.

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