What Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris Does Right

The first expansion to Bungie’s hotly anticipated Destiny sequel is here – but does it live up to the hype?

Infinite realities – all controlled by the Vex. That’s as far as we’ll go with the plot description for Destiny 2’s first expansion: The Curse of Osiris, because it really is something that should be experienced firsthand. Suffice it to say that the greatest Warlock who ever lived has returned and – well, sort of. He’s lost, and we need to find him.

The yarn woven throughout the Curse of Osiris is, like the main campaign, a welcome injection of narrative into Destiny’s world – even though it might stumble at times. The romp through Mercury and the Vex machine known as the Infinite Forest is somewhat brief, but uncompromisingly gorgeous. If you thought that Nessus was a haven of impossible Vex geometry, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Aside from a new zone and campaign missions to romp around in, the first expansion for Destiny 2 has plenty of additional goodies thrown into the mix to keep loot-hungry players sated. With the level cap bumped up by another five levels and a raised power level ceiling, the hamsters are free to spin in their wheels until they tire themselves out once more.

Despite the additions, there will doubtless be those that will still feel their beloved MMOFPS not going quite the way they imagined. For one reason or another, the Destiny 2 community has been exceptionally vocal about their opinions regarding the game – blasting Bungie on forums, subreddits, and the like to make their discontent known. It seems that it is true what they’d say: you can never make everyone happy.

While much of the criticism leveled at Destiny 2 seems to be in the fashion of “it’s too repetitive” – we can only pause, scratch our heads, and ask: “well, what were you expecting?” If you weren’t a fan of the way the base game handled content, then it’s easy to bet that you won’t be having a picnic among the hedron-laden content of the Osiris and the impending plight of the Vex.

There’s enough in the pack of content to reignite the flame that may have dwindled slightly after the game’s launch, but Curse of Osiris does take a promising first step for the lifecycle of the game. With no additional information as to what the second expansion could entail, Bungie seem to be setting themselves up well so far.

Of course, the true testament of the game’s staying power comes not from its expansion content, but in how Bungie navigate the waters of its community as time goes on. Toxicity is unavoidable, but should the waters become too acrid, the studio may find itself floating in dead water.

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