Time For Giving: The No.1 Most Bought Christmas Presents

84% of people have admitted to faking a reaction after receiving a Christmas gift – whilst the same survey revealed that 16% of people are liars.

But whilst you pretend to be overwhelmed and stunned at your nan’s decision to buy you the same aftershave for the 18th year straight – here’s the kicker, you’re only 18 years old, too – there’s always the classic build up to the main present from your parents.

As age has caught up with you, and you realise your dream of owning a Stretch Armstrong has long gone, you become more practical in your requests: “To be honest, mum, the grass needs a cut and our lawnmower has just packed up.”

That’s not to say you can’t get all excited about the thought of finally having one of those lawnmowers that you can drive around on – your 24 foot by 24 foot garden definitely required one – but the magic of Christmas, when your parents would go “Oh wow, would you look at that! There’s one present we forgot”, has worn off.

It’s not the year 2000 anymore when millennial children were hoping to find a Teksta Robotic Dog under the tree – a present that would appear basic in its functions and aesthetics, nowadays, but back then, at the turn of the millennium it was cutting-edge technology.

Amazingly, they’re still made – but they’ve come along way since the original Teksta Robotic Dog:

2010 is a year we can get behind and support, with the Toy Story 3 DVD being the most sold Christmas present in the United Kingdom – it proves two things: a) 90s kids are raising any children they’ve already had, correctly and b) 90s kids haven’t forgotten there roots.

2013 is a weird year, though, with many children wanting – and finding – a FURBY Boom under their tree. But those things are scary af; honestly, the psychotic voice, the freakishly large eyes and the all round demeanour of that little freak is unsettling – it’s amazing they’re still a ‘thing’, with the original being released way back in 1998.

As always with toys, come next Christmas, they’re forgotten about and the craze is over. However, fear not parents, your children will fully appreciate those gifts some 15 years on, when they get all nostalgic and take a trip down memory lane.

Anyone fancy a Beyblade battle, for old times sake?

Any parents who bought their kids a ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber’ in 2015, you haven’t fooled us, we know that was really for you.

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