Life In 280 Characters: Big Mac Vs Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Fast food, the one thing that can make everything better – recently broken up with someone? Fast food. Need a quick on the go bite? Fast food. Need somewhere to chill whilst Brexit blows over? Fast food – although we’d recommend eating it in the Winchester.

The fast food options out there are a foodies dream, from Taco Bell to KFC, all cuisines are on offer – but don’t necessarily think you’re going to feel like your tastebuds are going to be transported to Mexico City when you tuck into a burrito from Taco Bell.

For all the options, it’s largely accepted that McDonald’s and Burger King are the two fast food heavyweights, the two that – whether they like it or not – have created a rivalry.

A customer can’t simply enjoy both a burger from McDonald’s and one from Burger King, equally; that’s scandalous. And you can have no fence sitting when it comes to determining whether you prefer the golden thin fries that McDonald’s offers, or the chips that Burger King serves up.

Obviously, the right answer is McDonald’s fries but then you have to consider the fact that Burger King sell a side order of onion rings; a real game changer.

If we were to have something of a fast food Olympics, and both chains were to put forward their strongest and most adored athlete for the all important decider, it’s without doubt that we’d be witnessing a Big Mac vesus Bacon Double Cheeseburger pole vault – the sport of choice hasn’t fully been decided yet; we are open to ideas.

But because something like that won’t ever happen due to rules and regulations – and the fact it’s totally stupid – we have to decide this via the only way the 21st century knows how: social media.

There you have it, folks; definitive proof that the gold medal belongs to McDonald’s and its Big Mac – it’s not even close!

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