What Tarantino Will Mean for Star Trek

It’s here, folks. The marriage of director-to-franchise that we never knew we wanted has happened: Quentin Tarantino will direct an installation in J.J. Abram’s Star Trek franchise.

No, you’re not hallucinating and yes, we can hardly contain our excitement. Just imagine it: a fully R-rated Star Trek movie directed by none other than the brilliantly insane maestro himself.

The details regarding the film are minimal for the time being, but the absence of them only leads us to more outlandish speculation – and we’re loving every minute of it.

So, what the hell does a Tarantino Star Trek even look like? The franchise has long been famous for its winding and intricate exchanges of dialogue, and that couldn’t be a better fit for the eccentric and violence-loving director.

It’s hard to deny the icon that Tarantino has become over the years. With a penchant for all things violent and lyrical, Tarantino has been the go-to for pulpy, witty, and brutal films for several decades over. But enough fanboying aside: what does this mean for the franchise?

Well, after Star Trek: Beyond, it became clear that Abrams wasn’t shy about letting others helm his precious revitalized cinematic universe.

With Jeremy Lin’s action-packed take on Kirk and Crew proving that the franchise could be infused with some The Fast and the Furious pacing and sequences and still maintain its core identity, Tarantino’s involvement will likely spark a new insight into the world of Star Trek rather than entirely upheave it.

The idea of a Starfleet captain losing his mind and hurling expletives across the silver screen at Borg invaders is far too delicious to turn down. Couple that with the inevitable sexual/romantic subplots of cramped and tight crew quarters, sprinkle in some of that outlandish Tarantino charm, and ride the wave all the way to the Oscars – that’s the hope, at least.

There is still a large chance that it could result in a misfire. Tarantino is notoriously idiosyncratic, and his decision-making on the upcoming film may bring about changes that Trekkies will pick up their pitchforks for. Then again, we’re fairly certain he lives for that sort of fun.

Until more concrete details emerge, al we can truly take solace in is that reportedly, one of Tarantino’s demands was that the movie receive an R-rating – staying true to his pledge to only direct R-rated films. Other than that, there’s barely a smidgen to go on.

Will this be the same cast as Abram’s reboot? Or will it be something entirely new and utterly Tarantino? Only time will tell, but this may well develop into the infamous director’s greatest work.

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