How BroScience Thrives in an Era of Political Correctness

In a market that can often feel like walking through a minefield, one YouTube channel finds success in swimming against the current.

Dom Mazzetti, the fictional character played by Mike Tornabene, co-creator of the YouTube channel and accompanying website Broscience and Broscience Life, has somehow managed to thrive during a time where self-censorship seems to be all the craze.

We’re cautiously optimistic when we say that it’s not as bad as it once was, but there’s still a prevailing sensation that the PC Police might come knocking at your door for many content creators online. Not so with Mazzetti.

Bro Science is returning. What videos do you want to see? (Please say porn).

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By taking the stereotypical Alpha-Male GymBro Douchebag and building an incredibly written and self-satirical parody, Tornabene and his partner Gian Hunjan have produced some of the most ridiculous yet right-on-the-money comedy that’s graces the massive video community in years.

The channel primarily focuses on the exploits of the fictional Dom Mazzetti, and takes the viewer into his warped world of “workout and life advice”. More often than not, we find Mazzetti tangentially linking far-reaching historic examples together to elucidate his point most clearly.

The part that leads Tornabene and Hunjan to run away with the money is just how brilliantly they manage to stitch together the character of Mazzetti.

The actual informative value of the paragraphs that Mazzetti spews is next to none, but by God do they have a finger on the pulse of gym culture. If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of a membership gym, chances are that Tornabene and Hunjan have exploited it for comedy.

As a true-to-life GymBro, Mazzetti’s vocabulary is exceptionally colorful – and intelligent, though the character’s IQ is an often-played joke – and certainly not for the faint of heart. They truly couldn’t have found a better home than YouTube.

Since launching, BroScience has amassed over 2 million subscribers, and the sub count continues to rise exponentially. Following the launch of the merch and forum site BroScienceLife, the duo has committed to establishing the brand even further by offering multiple avenues for their fans to engage with.

On paper, the success story of Dom Mazzetti sounds like a textbook rise to YouTube fame, but the work that the team has put in over the years is clearly showing – blink too fast and you might miss some of the brilliantly written – or ad-libbed -remarks that will send your rollicking well into the night.

Fair warning though, the thoughts of Dom Mazzetti are far from socially acceptable, but to hear them so blatantly aired in a satirical fashion gives us all the salve we can possibly want for coping with the fact that there are individuals out there that truly act and think the way Tornabene and Hunjan’s creation does. God help us all.

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