50vs50: Fortnite’s New Game Mode Shouldn’t Stick Around

Epic Games have done exactly what it promises to be, and delivered an epic game in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The free-to-play, last man standing cartoon world continues to grow in popularity – the second weekend in December saw the game reach a record 1.3million active players online at one time (but being free to access across PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 is always going go to prove popular in the gaming world, with the increase in prices and in-game purchases).

Epic Games understand the importance of remaining fresh and not to rest upon their laurels, and in amongst the exciting updates of smoke grenades and snowball rocket launchers, the build up to the new game mode (that is only available for 10 days, until the 17th December) has been frustratingly exciting.

But the game mode hype hasn’t proved fitting of the gameplay.


Despite Epic Games tweeting that a patch was done to prevent the issue of games starting slightly in favour of certain sides – 51 vs 49 – the unfairly balanced squads happens all too regularly.

In the grand scheme of things, the issue is minimal with both teams, usually, losing a good 20% of their players within the initial, excited landing melee.

But as all gamers will tell you, it’s the principle.


The trailer for the 50vs50 game mode suggests you will be engaging in a more PG-friendly Game Of Thrones battle scene, as two huge fortresses meet, and battle it out to be victor royale.

Instead, however, you spend the game trawling acres of untouched land – something more reminiscent of Judy Garland bounding around whilst singing that the hills are alive – and they’re alive because no one comes out to find them and kill them ?.


It’s just not there.

At most, if you play squad mode, you’re battling it out with 96 others. But the most popular mode is ‘Solo’ and that’s a real test of a player’s nerve – are you frozen in fear when you hear a rival’s footsteps nearby or can you find the right moment to strike out from behind your container?

There’s the classic mentality of most players to assume that their teammates will deal with the threat, with no real desire to engage with the opposition. Instead, these annoyingly pathetic teammates will scout around for chests, loading up on more items than they need – and then of course die without using them.


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