A Definitive Ranking Of Every Main Meal On The KFC Menu

Whether the Colonel’s secret ingredients are top of your Christmas wish list or not, we’ve all got an opinion on what makes the ultimate KFC main meal.

And with the assumption that not one person in the whole world would ever choose a KFC salad as their main meal, we’ve discounted them because, well, it’s a salad and this is fast food – although for any snobby health freaks out there, the salads are said to have more salt in than some of the hot fast food options, so there.

14 – Fillet Burger

The equivalent of ordering a plain McFlurry at McDonald’s, a burger without the patty at Burger King or partaking in the office Secret Santa and just asking the person what they want. You really aren’t our type of character.

13 – Fillet Bacon Deluxe Burger

You can’t polish a turd – even bacon can’t save this bland affair.

12 – Popcorn Chicken

The most overrated item on the KFC menu.

11 – Fillet Tower

Now we are talking! A hash brown goes with literally anything, and makes everything better – no longer a basic b*tch chicken burger, we’ve got some deep fried potato heaven.

10 – Original Recipes Pieces

Simple, and certainly effective, but the bones just slow you down.

9 – Mighty Bucket For One

The perfect balance of breast, wings and drumsticks.

8 – Toasted Twister

Now we are getting into the high end products; the ones where any of them can stake a claim to be the Colonel’s greatest invention.

7 – Original Recipe Burrito

The official website’s description does the original burrito greater justice than we ever could:

“Our Original Recipe 100% chicken breast fillet with spicy rice, bean salsa, cheese, fresh lettuce and Chipotle mayonnaise, all wrapped in a lightly toasted tortilla. Grab on the go for serious satisfaction.”

6 – Zinger Twister

Spice is nice; a bit of ‘kick’ goes a long way.

5 – Zinger Burrito

You didn’t think a burrito could get any better did you? And then you added hot salsa.

4 – Zinger Burger

Being part of the ‘Zinger family’ makes everything better.

3 – Zinger Tower

Hash browns ??????????

2 – Boneless Banquet

No messing around now, no fiddling around with bones and navigating the gristly bits. Roll up those sleeves, and devour that pure chicken breast in record time – side order of gravy, obviously.

1 – The Daddy Burger

You can’t call anything ‘The Daddy’ and not expect it to be top of the pile; the Godfather of KFC’s menu.

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