WeCroak – A Mindfulness App of a Different Sort

Feeling overwhelmed and losing perspective? WeCroak has an unique approach that could free you of incessant worry.

As our lives become more packed and caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily activities, it becomes easier to lose sight of the big picture.

As such, many mobile app stores have seen an explosion of mindfulness apps onto the market.

These apps purport to do one thing, albeit in different ways: to reorient your focus away from negative, self-destructive thoughts, and put you back in control.
The apps vary in effectiveness and approach, with ones like Headspace topping the charts in user reviews and efficacy. But there is one mindfulness that stands in stark contrast to the rest: WeCroak.

We’ll get the most important fact about WeCroak out of the way: it’s certainly not for everyone. The app is brutally simple and effective. Here’s how it works: five times a day, at random intervals, WeCroak reminds you that you’re going to die. We said it wasn’t for everyone.

Although the concept may seem more appropriate to be designated to the “ultra-edgy” category in the app store, the execution is near-flawless. The app itself is incredibly lightweight – it’s sole purpose is to feature a quote regarding the mortality and temporal nature of human existence before sending you on your merry way.

The app does manage to coat its message in slightly more digestible terms, by curating an impressive selection of quotes regarding death from many of history’s greatest writers and thinkers. You can rest assured that you’ll be contemplating death through only the finest text available.

WeCroak offers nothing in the way of breath-focused therapy or meditation, but it doesn’t need to. It was engineered to inject a several reality checks into your workday. Modern civilization suffers far too much at the cost of taking itself too seriously. With all the pressure we put on ourselves to build impressive careers, accumulate mass amounts of funds, and soar to the heights of perceived success, it would do us all a world of good to be brought down to Earth every now and again.

WeCroak runs a cool $0.99 on the Apple and Android app stores, and runs on its own once you’ve handed over push notifications to it. You can always pull the app up and reread the current quote again should you feel the need to, but other than that, that’s all WeCroak offers up – and anything more would be unnecessarily superfluous.

As morbid as the app feels on initial use, we must admit that we’ve found ourselves growing fond of it. The randomness of the notifications is sometimes unneeded, and at other time impeccably timed. There is a concept in Buddhism that teaches to be happy one must contemplate death five times per day. With WeCroak, we’re starting to get the feeling that the saying rings true.

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