WATCH: Huhi Becomes Legendary To Reward Those Who Kept The Faith In CLG

After losing to the international wildcard, Albus NoX Luna – it came as no surprise to see the NA LCS spring split champions completely dumpster the outright tournament favourites, ROX Tigers – that’s just the ‘Counter Logic’ process in action. After baring the brunt of the criticism levied towards his team in the summer split, Counter Logic Gaming mid laner, Choi “HuHi” Jae-hyun pulled out one of the best Aurelion Sol performances ever witnessed.

Counter Logic Gaming have been predictably unpredictable during the 2016 World Championship, following an almost identically unfeasible script to their heroics at the Mid Season Invitational. Back in May, CLG suffered an embarrassing loss at the hands of Turkish squad SuperMassive eSports, only to beat the Korean superpower SK Telecom T1 after being underestimated.

Huhi’s performance at MSI was scrutinised heavily, with many NA fans branding the mid laner as a liability. Following CLG’s third loss to a wildcard in three consecutive World Championships, the same narrative reared it’s ugly head again, but just as he did at MSI, Huhi stood up to his critics with an impeccable performance on what has become his signature pick, Aurelion Sol.

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Sadly, we may never get to see Huhi on Aurelion Sol again – so clean was his legendary performance, ending the match with 11 kills, 6 assists and just a single death as CLG closed out the game over Korea’s top seed. To think that Huhi was being compared to the calamity that is G2 eSports’ Luka “PerkZ” Perković doesn’t even bear thinking about.

CLG’s victory has created a three-way tie for first place in Group A – the group in which seemingly every team is capable of beating the other – apart from the EU representation of course, who are simply cannon fodder. The best analogy to describe the balance of the group is to compare it to a simple game of rock, paper, scissors.

On three: 1…2…


It’s time for Huhi to be treated with the respect he deserves as a top-tier mid laner. Those who keep the faith in Counter Logic Gaming and their underrated man in the middle will always be rewarded. Both Huhi and CLG were written off before the start of the World Championship, but now head into the second phase of the group stages with a real chance of securing top spot.

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