The 5 Best Cities for Millennials to Live In

With lower rates of pay than previous generations and an ever-rising cost of living, Millennials are perpetually on the hunt for affordable, yet worthwhile places to plop down for several years or more.

There is a seemingly endless list of potential nests for up-and-coming professionals, so your good ol’ friends at CLICKON have taken it among themselves to put together a list of the best of the best.

We looked at job scores, affordability scores, and livability scores – then cross-referenced them with median rent and income figures to ensure that your perusal sits at the utmost tippity-top of your resource list. Without further ado, pull out your data-gorging plates and dig in:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The City of Bridges sits firmly atop our first-place slot, beating out the rest of the nation with an affordability score of 94. Although the job score sits at a could-be-higher 69, the median rent prices of $837 per month do quite a lot to entice any would-be youngins looking for a place to set up shop.

Provo, Utah

Coming in at a close second – and as the only location so far West – an unassuming Provo, Utah has managed to secure the second slot on our most coveted list. With a median rent only slightly above Pittsburgh at $885, Provo makes up for it with a much higher livability score of 84 – looks like those purdy mountains are good for something after all.

Madison, Wisconsin

A higher median rent of $1000 seems to matter little when you notice that Madison dwellers make almost ten grand more per year on average. With a livability score of 81, it doesn’t lag too far behind Provo – and it might even place it in second if you’ve got a penchant for avoiding Mormons.

San Antonio, Texas

Although fourth on our list, San Antonio may rank much higher for some purely for the gourmand-focused cafes and restaurants littered about waterways. Coupled with a rich history and plenty to do, it’s no wonder that San Antonio ranks up with a livability score of 85 – but it’s a shame that the affordability score finds itself lacking.

Columbus, Ohio

The 14th most populous state bottoms out our list. Locking in an affordability score of 76 and a livability score of 66, Columbus still has more to offer Millennials that most other points on the map. The city’s diverse economy means many paths of advancement for incoming Millennials hungry for some hands-on experience in their respective fields. Couple that with a highly-educated workforce and steadily rising wage growth, and the Midwest suddenly looks a lot more appealing.

There are many other locations that didn’t make the cut, but that is far from an indicator that the rest of the nation is a wasteland for rent and income. As long as you can find the balance of work/income/livability that works for you, you’re Gucci.

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