The Five Most Densely-Packed Countries

As global populations swell and people seek the most ideal locations for employment and livability, urban centers boom. While cities have been on a perpetual wave of growth since their founding, there are some countries that stand head and shoulders above others when it comes to population distribution.


No surprise here, eh? Yes, the Chinese have proven that they are capable of fielding one of the world’s most formidable economies in record time – but that achievement has come with a steep price. With more people per square mile in its massive cities than the rest of the world, it’s obvious to see why they’ve had to institute a one child policy for quite some time.


If you think France doesn’t deserve to be on here, take a small jaunt over to Paris and witness a city in which you’ll lose sight of the horizon before you will the concrete jungle. Yes, France has a long and storied history in Europe, and their culture-packed alcoves filled with everything between artisan and mustachioed art snobs brings throngs of folks looking to settle down in one of the many cities dotting the country.


Ah, Bermuda. The first of the three on our list to fill tightly-packed settlements surrounded by a paradise. Yes, it’s true that Bermuda is more densely-packed than most countries, but when the available real estate is only feet away from a shoreline, you’d best bet that you’re making the most of what you’ve got. Looking like a slice of a city copy+pasted onto a slice of tropical heaven, Bermuda’s beautiful narrow streets snake through its rolling hills in a way that makes us seethe with envy.

Cayman Islands

Even smaller than Bermuda, the Cayman Islands rank below only due to geographical size. Then again, we’re not sure the residents care at all. As such a lucrative resort location – and off-shore banking if you’re into that sort of thing – the Cayman Islands is doing just fine. With picturesque sunsets on one side and the elite’s money on the other, it’s no surprise that residence on the island is something that’s fiercely contested.


Last on our list is the magical territory-with-a-giant-rock-in-it, Gibraltar. While not an isolated island like Bermuda or the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar does echo their topography by being surrounded on all sides but the North that ties it to Spain.

Like the former isles, all of that sweet, sweet beachfront property isn’t going to last long. You’ll be lucky to find any sort of free real estate in the British territory. We would suggest removing the giant rock, but they seem to be fairly attached to it.

It should be noted that out of the entries on this list, only two exhibit severe signs of air pollution: China and France. It would seem that while living in dense communities does not necessitate pollution, there certainly is a tipping point.

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