Logitech G LIGHTSPEED: The fastest Wireless mouse on the market

For professional eSport gamers, latency on the order of milliseconds can be the difference between life and death, (well virtual life and death). To get the fastest response times most gamers opt for wired mice, an almost defunct technology that feels like it dates back to the late 1800s. No gamer wants to be strangled in wires.

To battle this issue Logitech unveiled the G900 Chaos Spectrum back in 2016, a wireless mouse capable of a faster response than most wired gaming mice.With a 1ms report time, it quickly become one of the most popular mice for competition level Gamers.

In August last year Logitech released the next step evolution, the G903. This is to date the most advanced gaming mouse and the obvious choice for gamers that like to keep in wireless.

On the surface, the Logitech G903 only varies in subtle ways from its predecessor. The model still features 9 buttons with buttons on the side attached magnetically so they can be swapped out to suit your gaming style. The mouse wheel can also be modified to either stepped action for gaming precision or to smooth scrolling with the press of a button.

The gunmetal gray parts of the Logitech G900 have been replaced with a purely black color scheme. The bigger shakeup is on the underside of Logitech G903, which now features a puck-shaped cavity with the option to insert a 10g weight depending on your gaming preferences.

The Logitech G903’s newest trick is it comes with the ability to wirelessly charge through a specialized mouse pad called the Logitech PowerPlay. We have seen wireless charging pads used before for iPhones and Samsung phones, but this is the first time we have seen them implemented for the computer mouse.

With this arrangement, the Logitech G903 can pull a constant current of electricity to both power its operation and recharge its internal batteries. Not only that, the PowerPlay mat comes equipped with a wireless receiver that connects with your mouse, so you won’t need to occupy another USB port for a separate dongle – which you can instead plug into a laptop.

At a price of £149.99, the G903 is worth it for all the customisable options and features packed into it. For any professional or casual gamer looking to improve their craft, the G903 is a must have. However if you can’t justify the price, Logitech G also has two other models as a part of its LIGHTSPEED collection. The G703 is available for £99.99 and the G603 for £69.99, still with fast wireless response but without the essential PowerPlay mat support.


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