How Kevin Harvick made a NASCAR Hall of Famer cringe

Sharon Wong

Even Mark Martin was unprepared for the massive, blister that sprouted on Kevin Harvick’s heel after a beating on the Sonoma Raceway.

It would take a lot to disgust a hardened NASCAR veteran, we imagine. There’s little those boys don’t see or experience out there on the track. So when you make one want to hurl up his dinner, you know you should be a candidate of some kind of Hall of Fame yourself. Kevin Harvick achieved this special distinction with his latest Instagram post, a full-frontal image of a massive heel blister.

It all started off innocuously enough. Sure, those glowing red heels do look a little more like raw meat than we like. But nothing too dire yet.

Some days really aren’t that much fun inside the car…

A photo posted by Kevin Harvick (@kevinharvick) on

On Wednesday, the true extent of his injuries showed. The sores developed into some of the nastiest blisters we’ve seen and they seem ripe enough to sprout faces.

We think Mark Martin had the only appropriate response.

For those of you who are more concerned than morbidly curious, rest assured that Harvick got just the care he needed.

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