Britain At Its Finest: Introducing The Madness Of Welly Wanging

Nothing encapsulates the unique, unconventional and often bizarre nature of British tradition more than the ‘sport’ of welly wanging. The crazy British tradition even has an annual Welly Wanging World Championships held in Upperthong, Holmfirth – the sport’s place of origin.



Fittingly British

The sport was supposedly created after a farmer’s boot was covered by a drunken bystander spilling his ale, leading the farmer to throw his boot in a state of rage. Welly wanging’s roots in ale, farming and an awkward social encounter certainly provides an exquisitely British combination.

The most important rules are that players’ words and honesty are crucial to scoring the distance the boot is thrown, with no recognised referee umpiring the competition.  Honesty and integrity are an essential aspect of the sport, with the iconic symbol of the British wellington boot at the centre.



Bringing ‘the boot’ to you!

An incredibly fun and social event which can take place on any terrain. Welly wanging is the perfect summer event to get involved in and see how near you can get to the world record of a wellington boot being thrown – 63.98metres! Where in Britain would you pick to challenge the record and why?


There are four ways in which the booth can be throw: one-handed, double-handed, between the legs or as a backwards throw.

Each competitor is allowed a maximum of 42 paces for a run-up before launching the boot, equally, it has been found that throwing the boot from a standing position proves just as effective. Crucial to the rules are the specifics of the boot – it must be a size nine non-steel toe-cap wellington boot.

A sport for anyone

It’s traditionally a very safe and social sport aside from one freak accident when a teacher was paralyzed from welly wanging in 2007.

But it’s a remarkably inclusive sport than anyone can participate in as long as you have a crucial component: a wellington boot.

The sport’s main competition is the annual World Welly Wanging Championships which takes place in Upperthong; such is the passion for the sport, the Wynsors World of Shoes – sponsors of the event – applied for welly wanging to be considered an Olympic sport for Tokyo, 2020.

A sport deeply rooted in British tradition and one that looks determined to be making a mark on the biggest sporting stage.