Should Heinz Change The Name Of ‘Salad Cream’ To ‘Sandwich Cream’?

Change is afoot at Heinz HQ as they propose a new name for one of their most famous products.

Condiment kings Heinz have announced plans to change the name of ‘Salad Cream’, one of its flagship sauces, to ‘Sandwich Cream’. The move comes after the company claimed only 14% of customers use the sauce on salads. The name ‘Salad Cream’ therefore, no longer “fairly represents the product’s ingredients or usage occasions”, claimed a Heinz spokesperson.

Heinz have said they hope the name change will attract “younger shoppers”, who have seemingly decided for themselves that the correct “usage occasion” for the product lies somewhere during the construction of a sandwich rather than the tossing of a leafy salad.

The sauce hit the big time during the second world war when ketchup was not widely available and the gloopy, pale-yellow ‘cream’ acted as a stand in to “add flavour to bland war-time rations” according to the BBC. But does this name change pour scorn on Salad Cream’s brave contributions to the war effort, or is Heinz merely window-dressing an outdated pale, goo to appeal to younger people?

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Usage occasions

Usage occasions are a key consideration when choosing your condiment. Does your occasion include a sandwich? Then avoid thinner, lighter sauces – they tend to leak out – what you want is a more viscous product like mustard perhaps, mayonnaise, or hot-sauce.

On the whole though, most sauces are relatively versatile and have many acceptable applications. But, there’s a rare breed that are specialist. Specialist to the point of literally being named after the thing you should use it for. Burger sauce is one famous example of this, and of course, Salad Cream.

But Joel Hughes, who is a ‘brand build lead’ at Heinz has said that “There are consumers now who haven’t grown up with the brand in the household and just don’t know about the iconic zingy flavour or what to eat it with.”

Heinz seem intent on telling consumers what to use this sauce with. Otherwise, it risks being seen as a purposeless sickly-yellow slop.

While this seems a little didactic, clearly consumers have shown little regard for its previous intended use, ‘the salad’ opting instead to squeeze it between two slices of bread in overwhelming numbers (how did Heinz find this out?)

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Pouring scorn

Perhaps Salad Cream’s valiant efforts on the home front do warrant a name change for the condiment, not the identity-stripping suggestion proposed by Heinz, but maybe the brave sauce should be renamed “Sir Salad Cream” for its services to the nation.

Fans of the sauce have had mixed reactions. One twitter user called Chris said, “Hey @HeinzUK if you rename #SaladCream Sandwich Cream I will boycott every product you produce FOR LIFE!! Next you’ll be calling your beans “Microwave beans” because nobody bakes them…. Also sack whoever came up with this idiot idea Yours sincerely everyone.”

On a more serious note, although Heinz won’t admit this themselves, Salad Cream’s biggest competitor is Hellman’s Mayonnaise and this re-brand is likely to be a way to rejuvenate the brand and position it as a unique, “zingy” alternative to the more neutral tones of its competitor.

‘Sandwich Cream’ has not yet been finalised as the new name and discussions are thought to be continuing until September, when the name will ultimately be decided.

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