Black Foxxes: Introducing the UK’s biggest sounding three-piece

Black Foxxes attracted a large audience who were baying for a taste of “Rage” – the latest album from this raw, bare all three-piece.

The trio ignited a responsive crowd at All Points East, Victoria Park London, shedding any sense of sun-induced lethargy as they joined an array of emerging talent at Jagermeister’s JägerHaus.

Words: The Versed
Media: Jagermeister

On Sticking With “Rage”

“When we were writing these songs, while sonically they were happier than before, I found the lyrical content was much the same. I’m always going to have this rage under the skin, it’s like magma in a volcano, it comes out subconsciously and I’ve accepted it.” – Mark Holley

The Scout Hut

How do you sound that big as a three-piece? It’s the first question you want to ask. The answer lies in the most unlikely musical habitat – a scout hut in rural Cornwall. This is where the band diligently ply their trade, honing their sound within the confines of an acoustically hellish “studio.”

“If you can make a song sound good in a scout hut you can make a song sound good anywhere,” explains frontman Mark Holley. “You have to be so cautious because it sounds dog shit if you don’t. It’s humbling.”

If Scouts live by the “be prepared” mantra, Black Foxxes are equally consummate in their pursuit for musical improvement; “Our sole drive is to just get better and better album by album, that’s enough for us. We don’t want a hobby, we want a career in music. And we’ve shared that passion from the very beginning.”

The South-West

The band thrive off the detachment they feel each time they return home to Cornwall. This sense of otherworldliness comes out in their latest work, an album inspired by the baron tundra of Iceland. This is Mark’s favorite place to write, “it feels like you’re on another planet, I just fell in love with it.”

There is little doubting the Cornish connection keeps the band firmly routed in the terra firma.

“You skip a whole generation of industry wankers by staying in Cornwall. That’s not to say all bands are like that up here, but it’s almost impossible not to be like that with people in your ear all the time. When we finish we’re going home literally to the middle of nowhere, most people will stay around speaking to managers and booking agents. Our team’s amazing but I think the reason we stay true to ourselves is because of where we live.”

Band Culture

“They’re fucking incredible those two,” (Ant Thornton [drums] and Tristan Jane [bass]).”

Mark is open about his struggles with anxiety and Crohn’s disease, part of the wider autoimmune family that has dealt him a shitty hand. His stress can induce alopecia while out on the road, but he’s been finding solace in the camaraderie of playing no matter what. “I got really obsessed with the SAS mindset of pushing through pain and adversity.”

That being said, he is certain that the relationship he shares with Tristan and Ant is pivotal when it comes to moderating these debilitating moments.

“They know when enough’s enough, they’ve completely got my back.”

This pragmatic approach has created a band with a certain future, buoyed by the sharing of common goals. “We’re more of a family than a group of mates,” Mark explains. “If I’m going out for drinks I’m probably not going to text Ant or Tris, but for really important advice about life and the future, it’s always spoken between the three of us.”

Keep an eye on Black Foxxes. Their sound is mega for a three-piece that’s so sonically refined. Thank the Scout Hut, for they will keep moving forward thanks to this creative incubator. Be Prepared.