Oklahoma’s Charles Walker shocks football world with stunning announcement

Oklahoma Sooners’ defensive tackle Charles Walker could potentially change the way that all college football athletes enter the NFL Draft.

Despite what offensive coordinator Mike Stoops thinks, Charles Walker made the right decision; he decided to leave the Oklahoma Sooners to prepare for the NFL draft. Walker recently suffered his third concussion of his college tenure and is going to chase his dreams of earning a paycheck in his chosen craft. Walker, a red shirt junior, had an excellent season last year that has propelled him to be a top 10 defensive tackle in next year’s draft.

Walker had his own reasons for quitting college football and striving to earn a paycheck.


Coach Stoops didn’t have anything nice to say about Mr. Walker. His statement reflected quitting on his team and going against what the school stands for; commitment.

And for whatever reason, that wasn’t there for him. He thought this was a better avenue.

Mike Stoops

Charles Walker has determined that his health, especially after three recorded concussions, is nothing to play around with. He has nothing left to prove in his college career, with only two regular season games left and a probably bowl game. He would rather provide for his child with the generational money the NFL has to offer.

The question at large now looms big for both college and pro football: why stay in school and play for free? The NFL bases a lot of draft stock into how these athletes perform at the combine. The combine is more like a decathlon than a football game. If it can be more beneficial for players to perform best at the combine, then why not leave school early and enter into a training program to prepare for it? This would reduce the risk of injury and allow the player to become proficient in all things combine including interviewing with coaches, scouts, and general managers.

If this works out well for Mr. Walker, it may be the new trend in college football. Bowl games could be played, for the most part, without stars. It will always be looked at as the day that Charles Walker changed the game. It will also be interesting to see if Mike Stoops is ever offered another coaching job and he breaks his contract for it.

Nothing like a hypocrite behind a clipboard.

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