How To Attract A Partner – According To Science

If you are in the dating game there are some rules of attraction. Here are some tips for you. Some of these are quite obvious but come with a scientific seal of approval!


1) Smile more (If you are a girl)

Men find women who smile more attractive. I mean that’s pretty much a gimme! But apparently the same isn’t true of men. Happiness is associated with femininity, or at least it is according to a study by British Columbia! Apparently, smiling makes women appear more receptive to having sex! And from an evolutionary standpoint men seek this out.


2) Wear red

Red has some pretty obvious associations, hearts, roses etc. However, studies have shown that even remote tribes are attracted to the colour. Which suggests that the association is probably with something more intimate!


3) Don’t play too hard to get

This is a bit contentious as some studies have shown that a little resistance can be helpful! But a more recent study from Germany has shown that there is an importance in being able to understand one another, so making your intentions clear can definitely be a good thing.

4) The tone of your voice

Researchers in the UK have shown that a deeper voice in a man is more attractive and a higher pitch in a woman is more desirable (sorry Mel B!) This ties in with a deep voice being associated with size and therefore masculinity.


5) Have a dog!

They are awesome, aren’t they? Women tend to relate how a guy looks after their pet to how they might look after them. And hey, worst case scenario if the dog doesn’t help you find the love of your life at least you still have company!


6) Have a good sense of humour

Studies have shown women want a man who is funny and while men do like a woman who is funny too, what is even more desirable is having a girl that laughs at his own jokes. However this desire to find a funny man may well be linked to a more base requirement. Intelligence and creativity are linked with humour. These are positive traits for potential offspring.


7) Kindness

It stands to reason that being kind is a good thing! It would appear that the seeing acts of kindness affect a humans perception of physical attraction. So start helping old ladies across the road if your love life is in a slump.


8) Groom yourself

Well Duh! Hygiene helps, people! Apparently taking care of yourself suggests how well you take care of others and therefore how well you would rear offspring.


9) Stop stressing

If only it were that easy! Stress levels can affect your physical appearance massively as I’m sure you are aware! From the quality of your skin to making you develop spots or bags under your eyes! Stress is a turn-off.


10) Grow a beard

Mostly for men this one! Because a beard is such a masculine trait women associate it with masculinity!


11) Show off your curves

And this one is more for the ladies! Studies have shown that men prefer a waist to hip ratio of 7:10. So the old adage of childbearing hips has some weight after all! Researchers at Texas A&M University have suggested that a swinging motion when a woman walks can help accentuate this quality and make herself more attractive. It’s like the Big Boppa said “A wiggle in her walk, and a giggle in her talk, makes the world go round!”

12) Don’t wear too much makeup

This one is once again aimed primarily at the ladies! Men tend to prefer women with a more natural looking “makeup job” studies have shown. So I guess less is more.

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