The Strangest Instagram Trends Of 2018 That Changed Social Media Forever

Instagram – one of the world’s leading social media apps is undeniably one of the most efficient way to reach new and existing customers and has single-handedly reached over 800 million monthly active users and growing. With Instagrams global reach increasing with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, posts that reflect specifically what an individual is enthusiastic about are quickly gaining attention from users around the world, and in turn, developing into well-known trends that attract attention from all areas of the internet.


With the social media app attracting people from around the world, it can easily attract different beauty trends from around the world too. In 2017 we said farewell to trends like fidget spinners, feather brows, holographic hair, rainbow food and just about anything unicorn inspired. Earlier in 2018 we saw the rise of even more beauty trends, with garden eyebrows, coat-hanger eyebrows, beastly nails, teeth nails and almost always useless “hacks” that caught the eye of anyone browsing the trending feed.

No doubt one of the most crazy, yet influential trends of 2018 has been the “Shiggy Challenge”, also known as the #inmyfeelings challenge or the #dotheshiggy challenge that became popular when Instagram user and comedian The Shiggy Show posted a video onto his Instagram, dancing to the hit Drake track “In My Feelings.” The video quickly became popular, inspiring Drake fans and followers from around the world to recreate his dance and post it to their own social media. What began as a simple dance performed by The Shiggy Show soon progressed, inspiring fans of the trend to create their own spin on the video, which lead to multiple people doing the dance after jumping out of cars, while riding motorcycles and even inspired one astronaut to try it for himself while in a spacecraft. The trend was so influential that it arguably was the reason for Drake taking the #1 spot on the 100 Billboard charts with “In My Feelings.”

Just a few weeks later the trend came full circle when the 31-year-old rapper posted a photo to his Instagram account of himself alongside the creator of The Shiggy Show, taken at an event the night that the hit track went no. 1.

The rapper wrote; “Met the legend on the night we went number one. ✅🙏🏽🙌🏽 @theshiggyshow.”

Moments later, The Shiggy Show founder, Shoker reposted the same photo onto his own Instagram account, writing, “Life Is Amazing It Is What It Should Be. 🙏 @champagnepapi ⭐️ #DoTheShiggy.” He also posted an Instagram Story video of himself meeting Drake and doing the dance for him.


Met the legend on the night we went number one. ✅🙏🏽🙌🏽 @theshiggyshow

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While each trend had been popular throughout different times, none of the originators of the trends could’ve possibly known exactly how the public would react to it. Following a trend is more than just about following a crowd, increasing social status and being included.

If marketing specifics, juggling multiple post reach and targeting apps, experimenting with hashtags that fit your brant, paying for ads (due to Instagrams new algorithm system) and heavily promoting your own posts isn’t your cup of tea, following a trend can impact your profile’s followers count, open yourself up to new opportunities and make yourself visible to brands and fellow users who may not have found you otherwise, for free and with just the click of your “post” button. If played well enough, following a trend can actually be a life-altering move for your business and/or brand to create real results that could influence the way your brand grows indefinitely, and the way new brands can be established within’ minutes.

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