The Impact Of President Donald Trump’s Most Shocking Tweets

The President of the United States, Donald Trump seems to be a well-known name around the world for not only being President, but also for his time in reality television and of course, his no-filter tweets. During his time in presidency, Trump has been at the centre of much controversy around basically any topic you could possibly think of including attacking President Barack Obama and actress Meryl Streep on multiple occasions, targeting Russia, calling out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, proposing a travel ban for Muslims, referring to the media for “fake news” and various television hosts he simply just didn’t like. Some of his outspoken tweets spark conversation that often dies down after a few days. However, some in particular spark so much controversy that it actually impacts how the way Americans, and sometimes people around the world live.

President Trump is known to frequently denounce “fake news” coverage throughout his presidential campaign and reign so far, which has in-tern made “fake news” one of the most popular catch-phrases to date. One tweet in particular about mainstream media organizations made a bigger impact over the rest when he referred to American media organizations “the enemy of the American People.”

Media organizations around the world alongside many politicians immediately criticized Trump’s tweet. During the controversy, Media organization the New York Times noted, the “enemy of the people” label is “more typically used by leaders to refer to hostile foreign governments or subversive organizations.” But that hasn’t steered President Trump away from regularly lambasting the press since the occurence.

To make matters worse, during yet another controversial tweet against the media from Trump, the president later posted a mocked-up wrestling video of him body-slamming and beating up a character labeled as CNN alongside the hashtag “#FraudNews, which quickly sparked a mass debate across social media and news globally about whether the president was encouraging violence against the media or not.

Shortly before officially becoming the President of the United States, Trump tweeted that Boeing’s estimated costs for a new Air Force One craft was “out of control.” and that they should “Cancel order!.” Although Trump wasn’t necessarily entirely accurate on the figure, the tweet sent chills through the defense industry and caused controversy over the sum, which caused the U.S. Air Force to eventually reduce the price by buying a pair of 747s abandoned by a bankrupt Russian airline. While the cost of aircrafts seem to only impact American military, in hindsight it would surely have an impact on how American allied military forces also operated.

Shortly after becoming President, Donald Trump made comments to Twitter announcing that he would not allow transgender individuals to serve in the military in attempt to end years upon years of intense discussion about the issue. Top military leaders from all four service branches of the U.S Military were reportedly blindsided by the Presidents tweets. However, that wasn’t all who were seemingly blindsided. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (including Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford) were also not aware of the decision prior to the tweets being written, according to news outlet, CNN.

Pentagon leaders commented on the matter a day later, stating that they would not change the policy until they received detailed instruction from the White House on how to implement the tweeted policy change. Following the tweets in October, a U.S. District Court judge issued a preliminary injunction on the ban and transgender recruits were allowed to enlist starting Jan. 1st. The news ended up trending across social media as transgendered individuals expressed their relief on the matter. Shockingly, President Trump didn’t have much to add after the ruling.


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