Rate my meal deal – I bet you can’t avoid laughing at these.

If you like in the UK then you will no doubt be familiar with the ‘meal deal’ It’s a staple of nearly every major UK supermarket. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, it’s fairly straightforward. You get to choose three items, a sandwich/wrap/salad, a snack and a drink and it usually costs between three and four pounds. The choices are fairly robust and vary from shop to shop.

If you can rely on the internet for anything it is to take the mundane and make it hilarious and that is exactly what it has done. If you take a gander on Facebook there are a collection of groups called “rate my meal deal” similar in some ways to the “roast me” reddits, people post pictures of their “meal deal choices” and users of the page can give their opinions on the meals, often in hilarious fashion. Below are some of the best I have seen. Be warned some of these comments, strike that, most of these comments, are not safe for work!

Chicken Club Sandwich, Beef Monster Munch, Orangina


Personally, I would have eaten this meal. But that’s just me! Here is what the less understanding folk had to say about it:

I bet you are the kind of person that tucks your penis between your legs and walks around pretending to be a lady

I’d rather eat a racoon that had been left on the road for a week and drink the urine from my cat’s bladder

Jesus is that sparkling Orangina?? WTF !! I bet you’re a kitten murdering, dolphin hunting ket head


Southern Chicken Pasta, Monster Energy and Sweet and salty popcorn


Okay, so I have to confess to being a little on the fence about “mixed” popcorn. And I’m no lover of energy drinks but let’s see how the “good” people of Facebook rated this meal.

Jesus, that has to be the wankiest meal deal I’ve ever seen. Fuck off you puppy murdering, penguin eating, granny rapist

I’m a little ashamed, but I’m well into this. Couldn’t eat that every day, but it looks banging.

So they aren’t all bad comments. If you decide to follow the page, just a heads up that Monster Energy is unfairly referred to as goth juice.


BBQ Chicken and Coleslaw sandwich, Peanut butter and Almond popcorn, Sparkling mixed berry drink


Okay, so there must be the smallest part of you that looks at this meal deal and thinks, “This person kind of has it coming” right?
Pure evil, this is the sort of person who never offers to make a brew but always has one when you put the kettle on. First class tool.

I’d walk straight past that shite and eat the lippy. (the meal deal was in Boots)


Cheese and pickle sandwich, Salt and Vinegar McCoys and a can of Monster


Energy drink aside (I would much prefer a nice can of coke) I can see the appeal to this. Cheese and pickle may be a bit cliché, but in my mind, it’s a classic. Let’s see what others had to say:

There’s starving children in Africa with flys around their eyes that are all gathered around the elders 1st Gen IPad with a Vodafone dongle, looking at your picture and are still disgusted you chose a cheese and pickle sandwich

Where do I begin? There’s never a situation you choose a cheese and pickle. The crisps aren’t a good choice, too sour. If you’re going salt and vinegar a Seabrook option makes more sense. The drink. I have no words. 2/10.

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