What Fashion Trends Do We Need To Ditch In 2019?

Do you ever sit back and think of all the trends that come into our lives year by year? Perhaps you’ve looked at old photos of yourself and though, “Did I really wear that?” because at one stage what you were wearing was the height of fashion and most likely worn by hundreds of thousands of others all over the world. While we see many trends leave and then pop up again a few years later, here’s a list of what fashion trends we hope to see gone in 2019.

1. Fur Slippers

Who could have possibly predicted that an un-expecting modern twist on the traditional house slipper is something that would be confidently showcased by celebrities like Rihanna, who no doubt made an impact with her Fenty x Puma line of furry slides that originally sparked the trend. While you’d usually wear your usual slippers around the house, these slippers – or rather slides are meant to be seen. These trendy footwear have hundreds of different eye-catching embellished designs to cater every style you could possible think of.

2. Kylie Jenner Jeans

Denim in it’s own has thousands of trends that are increasingly experimental over the decades — from $168 extreme cut-out jeans to Denim jackets with extra long sleeves that could wrap around your entire body three times, it seems that the typical edgy tears at the knees and thighs we’ve all grown to love are just simply not enough anymore. Which brings us to the current popular Denim trend – butt-ripped jeans that feature oval-shaped distressed rips underneath ones backside, which was arguably made popular by no other than fashion mogul, Kylie Jenner when she posed for an Instagram photo, confidently showcasing the look.

Many retailers have since tried to reinterpret the look, but one of the most popular retails has since been British fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing who has listed a pair of the denim jeans as “bum rip skinny jeans,” with “distressed bum detail,” as the brand notes in it’s description, letting you show off your posterior to the world – or at least to your Instagram followers.

3. Chokers

Just when you thought the throwback nineties trend was over, the edgy, tight neck accessory that was once deemed as rebellious, the choker has once again climbed its way back into the sartorial spotlight. While there are many types of chokers around now more than ever before, there’s no denying the the chunky, velveteen trimming-style choker is one we all associate with the style. As the trend has progressed over the years, we’ve seen more and more celebrities wearing the trend and even putting their own twist on it, creating entirely new designs of the version that have turned this edgy fashion statement into a more feminine touch by incorporating feminine colours like millennial pink and nudes accompanied by crystals, gems, pearls, chains and more.

Due to it’s  growth, the grungy style is now instantly a more wearable statement that is even incorporated into formal events like proms and weddings, but can also be worn out to more casual settings. The trend is one of few that can combine ritzy qualities with an edgy twist and all with the ease of a single accessory.


4. See-Through Everything

See-through or “sheer” anything has become a massive trend and it’s definitely one of those trends that even the most daring are left questioning whether is too much or not. While these pieces have encouraged flaunting what you’ve got and self-confidence, there are always going to be those select pieces that look strange on anyone that isn’t Beyoncé.

5. Juicy Couture Tracksuits

The Juicy Couture tracksuit was a stable in the early 2000’s and was made largely popular by stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian just to name a few. While the early 2000s seems like forever ago now and many of the one-trendy fashion must-haves are now long out of fate, the ultra comfortable velour tracksuit that stole every woman’s heart through it’s unique style and ultra-comfort is once again made its way into the wardrobes of the rich and famous. Most favoured trends by celebrities seem to linger for awhile. Lets hope this isn’t one of them.


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