5 Trendy & Affordable British Fashion Retailers


Missguided is a UK-based fashion retailer that specialises in selling clothes of various sizes, ranging between collections that include tall, petite, plus size, lingerie and nightwear.

Misguided is most known to be a popular online store that keeps up with forever-changing trends and offers major discounts to items that would be more expensive at other retailers. The brands goal is to empower women globally, as advertised by the company themselves through their marketing and ad campaigns. With it’s success, a number of popular collaborations have been featured on the site, including collections from celebrities like Madison Beer, Fanny Lyckman, and Carli Bybel.

Pretty Little Thing

PrettyLittleThing, now one of the world’s most recognisable fashion brands first started out with an accessory only brand with limited products on the site since, and was first was co-founded in 2012 by Umar Kamani and his brother Adam Kamani. Since opening, the company has rapidly expanded and now operates internationally (including the US, Irish, Australian and France). The company is now home to Womenswear, footwear, accessories and beauty products.

The brand’s popularity began to sky-rocket when popular celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Michelle Keegan, Rita Ora, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj were seen wearing their product range. The publicity and media coverage inspired young women all over the world to try the outfits for themselves and sparked numerous fashion trends, ranging from fur coats to chokers. On 28 February 2017, the company reported the sale of £47.7 million.


Asos is definitely one of the most popular British online fashion and beauty retailers for young women and men of all sizes. While the brand is primarily aimed at a younger, fashionable audience, ASOS now sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

The revenue for the brand’s financial year in 2016 was reportedly just under £1.445 billion and has been growing ever since. Since growing, Asos now sells over 80,000 branded and own-brand products through mobile browsers and it’s own in-house app. ASOS also proudly ownes websites that target their audience the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Italy. It also ships to over 200 countries from fulfilment centres in the UK, US and Europe.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge is a nationwide UK high street store which first began in London in 1966 and had various concessions throughout the UK inside other department stores by 1967. The brand also had independant brances on the high street by 1969. Miss Selfridge first got its name when Charles Clore, the owner of Selfridges (at the time) saw a window display in the Bonwit Teller store in New York City which showed “Miss Bonwit” dresses marketed specifically towards teenagers that year. He then later decided to launch it throughout his Lewis’s & Selfridges stores throughout the UK.

Since opening, Miss Selfridge has progressed so much that in 2001, the brand opened a new flagship store in London that mirrored big brand Topshop’s own store in Oxford Circus. Following it’s success, Miss Selfridge was also one of the first retailers to secure Kate Moss inside their campaigns and has since used successful models and actresses like Yasmin Le Bon, Tess Daly, Nicollette Sheridan and super model, Naomi Campbell. The store is now most known for it’s new and trendy style that cater to sizes between 4 and 16 (UK).

New Look

Since being founded by Tom Singth in Somerset back in 1969, New Look has grown rapidly and continuously expanded as one of the most popular fashion retailers, both in-store and online. The brand operates across a chain of over 900 stores internationally, including stores placed in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Romania, Malta, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, China, Germany, Russia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Poland, and a reportedly have a growing staff of over 18,000. The success of the brand was so large that they reportedly had a turnover of £1,147 million in 2008 with profits of £180 million.

“New Look is all about delivering fashion excitement, newness and value. We translate the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities, and the streets as fast as we can, providing our customers with fashion that is always bang on trend. From jeans to evening dresses, shoes to shoulder bags, New Look understands fashion. Our clothing and footwear collections are regularly award winning and we and are proud to be among the top womenswear and accessories retailers in the UK. New Look isn’t just for the girls either – we have a fantastic menswear collection as well! With everything under one roof, we pride ourselves on providing a truly unique offer of up to the minute fashion for all shapes and sizes!” – New Look, Facebook.


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