Being a modern alpha male

If you are a person that goes to the gym regularly, and let’s be honest the number of people that do that is escalating, you may have an image in your head of an alpha male being one of the body-building types you see at the gym. That is traditionally what people think of when the term Alpha Male is used but with social norms transforming and developing mankind is being led by a new breed. Let’s examine what a “modern-alpha” looks like.


No bark and limited bite

Being calm is as big a part of being in charge as anything. We will talk about passion later (and it is important) but a true alpha male won’t be easily triggered. You won’t see them overreacting to banter because their self-confidence is such that they don’t take offence. They aren’t quick to wade in with their fists either. It isn’t about obvious displays of physical strength. A true Alpha knows they can take care of themselves and the confidence that comes from that means they will seldom find times when they need to actually take care of themselves.

an alpha male is in no way a yes man

Diplomacy is fine and occasionally playing a crowd for an easy life is no big deal but a modern man should know his mind and not be afraid to stick to his guns and defend his own opinion. Having an opinion on absolutely everything isn’t the goal, but when you do have one making yourself heard is important.


Take pride in yourself

When you talk about an Alpha male you often associate it with an image of a lion. In many ways, this great creature is the embodiment of masculinity. And actually, by coincidence, a group of lions is called a pride. An alpha male will take pride in their appearance. They will be clean and well groomed. Not to the point of vanity but to the point where people can see they look after themselves. Independence is an important quality for the modern man.


Look after the weak

This cannot be stated highly enough. Alpha males are dominant and powerful creatures but they do not assert their dominance over others. They do not attain power and respect through bullying. This shows a lack of self-belief. A typical alpha male will think nothing of praising a male counterpart because they realise that increasing somebody elses “stock” does nothing to affect their own. An offshoot of this is that they will attempt to lift others up and make them feel good about themselves, for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.


It’s okay to be emotional

Strength isn’t about how much you can bench press (although being physically strong helps your self-confidence) strength is about being okay to be upset. Being emotional occasionally is not a threat to your masculinity. Don’t get me wrong, floods of melodramatic histrionics aren’t going to bolster your “alpha status” but you don’t have to keep everything bottled up, people respond to people who open up and share parts of themselves, scientific studies have proved this.


Be confident, passionate and smile

Alpha males have inner strength and self-confidence. They are the first person to smile at others. Smiles are no-longer associated with femininity. Nor should they have ever been, the ability to smile is a blessing and a true alpha will embrace that. They also have dreams and ambitions and will work tirelessly in order to accomplish these. An alpha male owns up to their mistakes and makes things happen. They do not blame others when things go wrong but instead, they fix things.

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