Take-away franchises that needs to come to the UK in a big way

We have some fine eating establishments in this country. From local powerhouses like the classic Toby Carvery and our swathes of fish and chip shops to exotic imports like Asian cuisine and some fairly renowned franchises from the US. But unless you happen to live in a big city there are several take-away chains that our US brethren have yet to really bring to our shores. Here are some that need to get here sooner rather than later!


Dunkin donuts

Okay so we have Krispy krème and the debate on just how you pounce that will no doubt linger on long after the apocalypse when we are all living on a diet of locusts and root vegetables. But the appeal of having this sugary powerhouse come to our shores in a big way is a dream we can only hope is one day realised. I believe they have a couple of take-away outlets in London but as per usual Suburban Britain loses out.



Once again there was a Cinnabon in London but not sure if that still exists. For many in the UK our experience with cinnamon extends to the cheapie cinnamon rolls that you find in LIDL to taking part in the cinnamon challenge, yes I attempted it and yes I nearly vomited afterwards. Anybody who has seen the scenes of Bob Odenkirk’s character from Better Call Saul working in a Cinnabon without their mouth-watering may not be human.


Taco Bell

There is actually one of these outside of the confines of our nation’s capital in Southampton. For the rest of us, the Mexican takeaway is mostly the thing of dreams. It’s a real shame as Mexican is a popular cuisine here in the UK. There are plenty of restaurants serving this fair and the cuisine is easy enough to rustle up at home but who wouldn’t love to have piping hot enchiladas delivered to their door?



Just one of this famous franchise located slap bang in the middle of our fair country. Nottingham plays host to this eaterie famed for its attractive waiting staff. Perhaps in this day and age, it’s considered a little bit inappropriate, but from a personal perspective, I have heard that they do really good steak!



We did have Wendy’s here believe it or not! There used to be one in, you guessed it, London. But my ex-girlfriends claims they’re used to be one in Leeds where she grew up as well. The take-away chain is the third biggest burger joint in the world behind Burger King and McDonald’s. They are famed for their square burgers. I have to admit I sampled a Wendy’s when on holiday in Florida and it was delicious!



Okay, this is a little contentious as there is half a dozen of these littered around London Town. However the rest of the country has to make do with Kaspas, which to be fair do some banging desserts, but the more variety the better as far as I’m concerned. Let’s hope this chain continues to spread throughout our grand country.


Chuck E. Cheese’s

I’m sure if you have watched enough movies you will be familiar with this brand. They combine a great experience for kids, with pizza, which F.Y.I also tends to be quite popular with kids. Although we do have some eateries that provide “soft play” options for youngsters they aren’t as common as many parents would like. As a parent myself, I know how great it is to go out for something nice to eat and have the kids wear themselves out for an hour or two. Luxury.

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