Fans accidentally respond to fake eminem track

If you are an avid social media follower then you will be familiar with the recent Eminem album that dropped. Kamikaze was completely unexpected and a lot of people declared it a masterpiece. Marking the return of the self-entitled “Rap God”.


Actually, the album in some ways was a response to last years Revival album. Revival wasn’t well received by everyone. However the Kamikaze release seems to have hit a positive chord with many rap fans but not necessarily with fellow rappers. In particular, it raised the ire of Denver rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The beef between the two goes back to an off-the-cuff comment MGK made about Eminem’s daughter Hayley when she was just 17


The rap god raises the stakes

Eminem, partially in response to the comments he considered inappropriate, turned up the heat massively on the track “Not alike” where he dropped the lines:

“But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne if you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun/And I’m talking to you but you already know who the f*** you are, Kelly/I don’t use sublime and sure as f*** don’t sneak-diss/But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie…”

It wasn’t just MGK who got his ass handed to him on the new album but this diss was very explicit in who it was aimed at!


The rap devil rises

MGK, perhaps cleverly has taken the opportunity to try and make a name for himself with a fantastic response. The rapper penned a full length diss track, entirely dedicated to dissing Eminem, although in places it acts almost like a homage to Slim, referring to him as the GOAT (greatest of all time) and generally being respectful of what he has accomplished, but the overarching message is clear – the insinuation is that The real slim shady is all washed up.


The fake return

Eagerly awaiting some sort of response some fans were fooled by a fake Eminem response doing the rounds on Youtube – the actually catchy track entitled Life after death – does sound a bit like Eminem and some of the disses are pretty strong. Hilariously some people, couldn’t tell the difference and made videos reviewing the response! Brilliant.


But will Eminem respond?

Here’s the thing – he already sort of has. A little bit of backstory here. Not long before the release of kamikaze Slim dropped a lengthy Instagram video of a plane dropping bombs, and low and behold a while later Kamikazee dropped and the cover was a fighter plane. A cryptic tease for his unexpected album. Subliminally genius and very nuanced.

Well, it seems like he has been at it again. He recently posted a video clip of himself playing Pacman. I know that’s not particularly exciting! Or at least not on the face of it, but it gets way more interesting when you know that Machine Gun Kelly has a tattoo of Pacman going across his neck. Surely the insinuation here is that the rap god is going to go for the throat?


The future

Whatever happens, MGK has really made a name for himself. Let’s hope the kid hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew. Eminem has a habit of burying people’s careers! Whatever happens, this recent feud has got rap fans everywhere in a stir and has bought a little excitement back to the industry. Perhaps the most interesting commentary on events came from Slim’s former D12 bandmate Bizarre who gave props to MGK for bringing the heat but shook his head and stated “but boy, the repercussions…that boy gonna’ do you nasty, you better stop playing with that boy”.

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