What to wear at the gym – a guide for begginers

It’s that time of the year when the “new year, new me” brigade have given up on their dreams of a beach bod and the gyms are just a little quieter as people start working on their “winter coats” but for those of you who don’t believe in needing it to be “new year” to make valid life choices, perhaps you are considering joining a gym for the first time? Firstly…do it! Getting yourself fit and healthy will help you to live longer and exercise improves your mental and physical health.


What to wear

But if you are new to the gym it can be a bit daunting. So what do you wear? Firstly it’s good to know what “brands” are in at the moment. If you grew up wearing Hi-Tech trainers and aren’t particularly brand conscious then that’s great! However, if those things are important to you here are the brands you shouldn’t be embarrassed about being seen in:

The classic sportswear brands will never go out of fashion, nor really risk you being branded a chav! So you are always going to be good to go to with classics such as Nike, Addidas, Puma and Reebok. Under Armour seems pretty popular among gym rats (I’m allowed to use the term as I am one!) if you are looking for some cheap, but not really “chavvy” brands (because who wants to be accused of being a chav?) Umbro and Slazenger are still pretty good. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything with a massive label emblazoned across it.

So now ya know what brands to go for, what style?




Bottom Half

Let’s start with the bottom half, shall we? A basic pair of running shoes is a good start. With a pair of sports socks. Sure it may be trendy to not wear any socks outside of the gym, but actually, inside the exercise arena, this approach is just asking to have feet covered in blisters!

Shorts or trousers

Honestly, this is all about personal preference. Tracksuit bottoms aren’t seen very often. Jogging bottoms are more common. I was surprised to find that these aren’t just used for when you are munching on pizza with your favourite Netflix show on the TV. If you are going the shorts route, I’ve seen a lot of the bigger guys at the gym, the body-builder types wearing some 80’s throwback shorts. This look died for a reason, let’s not bring it back. Just above the knee seems to be the style at the moment, and baggy to allow for a decent range of movement. Function over form.



Yes, I know an lot of people wear a slinky vest to workout, but unless you are packing some serious Schwarzenegger like physique under that top it is probably going to make you look like a bit of a tryhard! Just wear a sports tee shirt, dude! Save the gun show for your lady, or for your Tinder profile!




Bottom half

like the gents, running shoes and socks are good! Although trainer socks may be the way to go for the more fashion conscious of you! As for your legs, you can go with shorts, but honestly Yoga pants are fab, they hold you in and show off the glutes that you’ve been smashing squats to achieve!



Vest tops are totally great, some of the more self-conscious ladies may choose to wear a plain tee shirt underneath. In the gym, baggy is okay, that over-sized old tee shirt is actually kind of cool. You can buy a lycra sports top if you’re confident in your body. Comfort is so important!


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