Signs you may be dating a gentleman

If you are a lady and you are in the dating game there is a good chance that you are looking for someone who treats you with respect. What you are after is an old fashioned gentleman, but what does that even look like? Here are some signs that the guy you are dating is a gentleman.


He isn’t a skinflint

Equality has been a revelation and it should be continued. It is great when you “go Dutch” on a date but isn’t it lovely when the guy just takes care of it all? Especially if he arranges it too. Who doesn’t like a man not afraid to be a little assertive? Don’t get me wrong wealth shouldn’t be the measure of the man, but generosity should be. If he gives more of himself then most he’s probably a good egg.


He walks on the road side

In the modern world there is an element of this being about protecting you from falling off the curb into the path of oncoming traffic, but this has an interesting origin. Way back before houses had waste disposal systems people would eject their waste out of the windows, most houses had a canopy system so the waste would fall down on the outside. A gentleman would have an umbrella and so would protect their partner from being doused.



He opens doors

And not just for you! Anyone can open a door for the lady they are trying to impress, but keep a close eye to see if he extends the same courtesy to others. This is the real test. Part of being a gentleman is doing things, not because of getting something in return, but because they are the right things to do.



How he treats other people

Once again this points to a mentality of not just treating people good because he wants something from them. If he is a gentleman he will treat everyone with respect: waitresses, bin men, people in retail.


He pulls out chairs

This is an undervalued move. If he is a gent he will make sure you are sat and comfortable before he takes his seat. This is an awkward manoeuvre to try and pull off as a man as women don’t really expect you to do it!


His language is moderate

If he is a gentleman he will be articulate. What was it Will Smith said?” Always tell the truth, say you prayers, pull out chairs, easy on the swears” And if Will Smith isn’t a gentleman then who is?


He is polite

Every gentleman will have been raised to watch their P’s and Q’s (does anyone really get that phrase?) If he hasn’t been raised to use basic manners then it doesn’t matter who nice a suit he is wearing, or how cute his smile is, he is not a gentleman!


He takes care of himself

This does not mean that he has spent hours grooming himself. Vanity isn’t a quality you’d really associate with being a gentleman. What it does men is he will observe basic good hygiene practices, like washing and using deodorant. He will also tend to dress well, although for the occasion. Don’t expect him to turn up to the gym wearing a three piece suit!

So that s the meat and potatoes of it. It isn’t about wealth and social status. You can work in your local newsagents on minimum wage and still be a gentleman. You can have a high paying job and wear a fancy watch and not be anywhere near one. It isn’t about status but showing class.

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