The ESL UK League of Legends Premiership Is Heating Up As It Approaches Its Grand Finale

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The ESL UK League of Legends Premiership is fast approaching its exciting conclusion, with the live finals at London’s Comic Con event just a few weeks away. With Twelve games down and twelve games to go, this season’s Premiership has already developed some fascinating narratives and what better moment to reflect upon on the story of the competition so far than the halfway mark.

To get the competition underway, Group A kicked off with Terra Cotta Army facing off against GLB Blue, a team who had to scramble for a last minute roster after the news of Choke dropping out. They evidently had some roster issues heading into the first week, resulting in a default loss for the first game of their best-of-three series. They struggled to improve in the second game, with sub ‘Lukey so bard’ failing to make an impact.

A dominant Last Remedy roster dismantled PerilousVoid in a convincing 2-0 series that saw Riscuit, formerly Rifty, display his dominance in the top lane as they booked their place in the Group A finals against TCA.

Source: ESL UK Flickr
Source: ESL UK Flickr

Week 2 kicked off with the winners bracket final between Last Remedy and TCA. For all the hype heading into the series, there was little under an hour’s gameplay as Last Remedy decimated TCA, demonstrating exactly what they were capable of by amassing an impressive 30k gold lead over the two games booked their place at Comic Con in London.

PerilousVoid faced off against a renewed GLB roster in week two, with new mid lane and jungle player flex, Xani, taking to the rift. PerilousVoid took first blood in the series after a close first game that almost saw GLB claw back a 9k gold deficit, before Perilous finally wiped the sweat from their brow and took down the nexus.

The change in the mid lane and jungle later paid dividends for GLB, as Xani went on a rampage – dying only three times as he picked up 14 kills across the two games it took to dash PerilousVoid’s UK Premiership ambitions.

Group A’s last game was an all or nothing between GLB eSports and TCA, with the winners of the series booking their place in the live finals. For a team formed only days before the start of the Premiership season GLB put up a brilliant fight in the first game before a 4-1 rout during a Baron fight swung the game in TCA’s favour.

The second game was a jungle masterclass from TCA’s jungler J3t, exemplifying why every team should consider banning out his Nidalee. A convincing  6/0/7 performance saw TCA dismantle GLB in under 22 minutes.

Source: ESL UK Flickr
Source: ESL UK Flickr

Group B’s first game saw the experienced Molotovs and Marshmellows roster introduce Batmani Begins to the Premiership in a trial of fire. MnM exploded out of the gate to show us exactly why they are the team to beat in their group, dropping only 10 kills across the two games as they cruised through the matches in under 45 minutes.

“I think the games we’ve had so far have shown quite clearly that we have some top tier teams in the premiership this season, but also that there’s a fair void between the best and the rest.

“I’m excited to see how our 3/4th seed teams perform on the big stage at Comic Con, this is their opportunity to shine!”

Joe “Munchables” Fenny

The ESL UK League of Legends Premiership is just starting to heat up, still with four best-of-three series remaining as the search for the two teams from group B to join Last Remedy and TCA in the finals live from Comic Con in London.

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