Games From Our Childhood That Really Need A Reboot.

There are games from our childhood that we remember fondly and that we can’t help but wish were brought back to us. With the advent of new technology we can’t help but be curious what game is going to be the next X-com (If you have yet to pay the modern remake – then you should!) but without further ado here are games from your childhood that definitely deserve a remake.

Age of Empires

Allegedly this is being worked on. We haven’t seen an “age” game in, well ages! The real-time strategy franchise really was one of the greatest of all time. Building up and balancing between developing your “city” and devoting resources to your military was always crazy fun. This game was best played over a LAN!

Alex the Kidd

Sure Sonic was his more popular cousin, but Alex the Kidd was an amazing platform game, how it managed to shoehorn “rock, paper, scissors” into a 2d platformer is beyond me! All I know I that levels involving motorcycles and helicopters were amazing and collecting coins that you could then spend on powerups was inspired! Alex 3D anyone?


Yes, there is a wealth of shooters available and online play is standard now. But could you really match the thrill of four player Goldeneye? We need this franchise back in a big way! Because games are actually a bit anti-social and this was a game you could play while sharing a few beers with your mates!

Sim City

Okay a bit of a cheat in so much as Sim City did get a release a few years back, but to mixed reviews. Rumour has it that this once great franchise is effectively dead. If that’s true then it will be a sad day. The one-time king of city builders ate up more of my childhood then I care to remember. Arguably the franchise peaked with Sim City 4, with its massive map and huge replayability!



And no we can’t count the frankly awful mobile version, because it is, well awful! This game has masses of potential. It could be a real challenger to Mario cart with a bit of thought put in. Sadly it is probably a franchise that will just fall into obscurity.

Knights of the Old Republic

Yes I know we have Star Wars TOR the MMORPG. But Kotor would allow for a massive graphical uphaul and a much more refined storyline. With an influx of new star wars law, it could be amazing. Bioware no longer has its once stellar reputation due to Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda being underwhelming and getting involved in a Star Wars game may be just the tonic that the developer needs!

Fight Night

It is a real shame that the next gen of consoles has yet to sample a boxing game. Back when Fight Night Round three was released on Xbox 360 it was a revolution, the graphics were a joy to behold and it really showcased what the system could do. Okay so it isn’t the oldest game on this list but it still needs a modern incarnation.


A god sim! This game arrived amid a tonne of hype and defined the genre. Admittedly I don’t think the god-genre has ever produced a “killer game” but the fact that the game that invented the genre is still in the conversation tells you everything you need to know!


This game had so much potential and the first phase of the game was great fun, if ultimately pretty simplistic. The creations suite was an entire game in itself. If the different phases had been given more polish this game could have been a world. A reboot would be amazing!

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