Hannibal Lecter Never Said “Hello Clarice” The Mandela Effect At Work

Have you ever been convinced that something has happened only to realise that it is just your imagination? It turns out there is a name for that phenomena. It has come to be known as the Mandela effect due to a vast amount of people being convinced that Nelson Mandela died way back in the eighties in prison, FYI he didn’t. Here are some things that may make you question your own memory!


Vaders famous words

Darth Vader never uttered the immortal words “Luke, I am your father”. In fact, the line is in response to Luke saying “You murdered my father” and Vader responds with “no, I am your father” however I think the line may have been uttered in the first Bill and Ted movie. And while we are on the subject…prepare to have your mind blown… Forest Gump never says “life is like a box of chocolates,” he says “life WAS like a box of chocolates”. Oh, and John Wayne never said, “get off your horse and drink your milk” – James Cagney and his “dirty rat” line? Yeah, that one didn’t happen either. But perhaps the biggest and most upsetting one – Hannibal Lecter never says “Hello Clarice”! He simply says “good morning” Don’t believe me, re-watch it! Damn you Mandela effect!

More glitches in the film matrix

Firstly would you believe me if I told you that the line “would you believe me…” never appeared in the Matrix? Also the famous magic mirror scene in Snow White, you know the one where the wicked witch says “mirror, mirror on the wall”, she doesn’t actually say that she says “magic mirror on the wall” And you know how Laurel is always getting him and his best friend into trouble? Apparently, the line was never “this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into” and was instead “this is a never fine mess you have gotten me into”


It’s called Fabreze not Febreeze

And that’s always been the case too! Shocking I know. And while we are on the subject of brand labels that aren’t what we imagine. Kit Kat’s don’t have an apostrophe! Oh, and fruit loops are actually called Froot Loops. Yes, that one is irritating!

The monopoly man doesn’t have a monocle.

I know, don’t shoot the messenger but this iconic symbol for wealth doesn’t have any eyewear at all. Frankly, I think the insinuation that all property tycoons wear monocles is frankly offensive.


We are the champions

But not of the World, we all know that the anthemic Queen belter ends with the earth crumbling crescendo and Freddy Mercury belting out “we are the champions…of the world”, except that he doesn’t. The song finishes without the “of the world” lyric…sorry for ruining your childhood.


Say what now

Interview with a vampire is actually called interview with the vampire! Oh, and while we are at it, you know that TV show with the 4 Manhatten girls that like “getting it on” that show is called “sex and the city” not “sex in the city”.


Kids characters aren’t what they used to be

This is literally true for those of you who remember curious George having a tail…because he didn’t and while on the subject of tails, that infamous pokemon, Pikachu had a black tip to his tail, right? Wrong! And one more for the road, that TV show with the modern, stone-age family, that would be the Flinstones, right? It’s even pronounced like that in the song to the show, isn’t it? There’s no way I could possibly have got that wrong! Accept you have, it’s the Flintstones!

Edit: It transpired Hanibal did utter those famous words, however not in the original Silence of the Lambs movie, but in the sequel “Hanibal”.

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