Think You Know Pain? The Most Painful Experiences According To “Science”

Okay, this article has no scientific legitimacy! Pain is a hard thing to really quantify. In some situations, they use a “face chart” to gauge it, or an unreliable number system. The truth of it is that because we are all different our pain thresholds vary. However, there are some ailments that are widely recognised as really bloody hurting! So with that in mind here are the most painful things you can experience!


It really is the worst, isn’t it? That throbbing pain is often easily quelled with a painkiller, but before your paracetamol kicks in it is damn unpleasant Rating 4/10


We handle sheets of paper all the time. We consider paper to be our friend. But be warned paper can and will turn on you and when it does it stings like hell! Rating 3/10 – rating with salt and vinegar crisps 6/10


Like the aforementioned paper cut made worse by ingesting salt and vinegar crisps! Ulcers are painful and made worse by the fact that you usually struggle to not play with it with your tongue, glutton for punishment! Rating 3/10

kneeling on Lego

Again we think of Lego as being a force for good! After all, there was that lego movie where the theme was “everything is awesome” you know what isn’t awesome? When you accidentally kneel on a piece of Lego. They are so durable that your kneecap will always come off worse! Rating 3/10

Giving birth

I have never had the pleasure! But I have witnessed two births and it’s safe to say that the mothers looked to be in a lot of pain. Of course, it isn’t just about the intensity of the pain, but the duration which a woman has to endure it! I would not want to have to go through this. Rating 9/10

Being kicked in the…well you know

For some reason this always makes me need a poo! Not sure how that works! It is intensely painful and sort of crippling! Fortunately, it doesn’t last too long. Rating 8/10

Standing on a plug

There is nothing that will get you hopping around the room unloading cuss words quite like accidentally standing on a plug. To the outside world it probably appears quite amusing but when you are experiencing it yourself it’s anything but! Rating 5/10

Kidney Stones

Unlike some of the entries on this list, I have endured Kidney Stones, not passing them but them pressing on my bladder and it is the most pain I have ever felt. Morphine didn’t even take the edge off. Rating 9/10

Static Shock

Okay, one might be considered a bit of a wimp for complaining about these. But when you get a static shock the heat generated is ridiculous, allegedly hotter than the surface of the sun, now admittedly this heat is only present for the smallest fraction of a second, but for those of you with a low tolerance for static, you will know how much these zaps can hurt. Rating 7/10

Being heartbroken

Wow, this took a dark turn! There is a meme that suggests people would rather be shot then get their heart broken. Chemically it is supposed to be similar to going through a drug withdrawal. Emotionally it is exceptionally painful, but the physical ramifications are a bitch too! Stomach pains, racing heart, low energy levels…Being heartbroken is the worst rating 10/10

Cluster headaches

I have never had the displeasure. But apparently, these usually hit right behind the eyeballs and hurt like nobodies business. 8/10

Wasp Sting

It has been a long time since I have taken a hit from a wasp, but there must be a reason I fear them so much, right? I think the worst of it is that unlike a bee, their sting doesn’ lead to their demise. Also the fact they use their sex organs to sting. Wait, you didn’t know that? Rating 5/10

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