Here’s Why Millennials Are Drinking Less and Enjoying Life More


Most of us would assume Millennials and drinking would go hand in hand, right? Well, a new study might now be challenging that assumption, proving that your parents are probably drinking more than any millennial you would know.

According to a brand new study, Millennials (individuals aged 18 – 34) are less likely to drink compared to their elders. Nielsen Consumer & Media View conducted the research and the results showed that only a little over half (53% to be exact) of Millennials had said that they consumed alcohol in the past month, compared to around 65% of their elders, Gen X (who are aged 35 – 54) and 72% of Boomers (who are aged 55+).

According to the research, Millennials as a whole rate beer as their all time favourite alcoholic beverage of choice with 26% having consumed it in the past month, which is reportedly slightly less than Generation Xers at 34% and 33% of Boomers. Compared to all other consumers of a legal drinking age, however, Millennials are more open to changing up their pattern and trying other drink choices. The study also proved that Millennials are more likely to see themselves as trendsetters amongst their friend groups and are therefore willing to pay extra for drinks that are consistent with the image and representation they want to project to their surroundings.

According to the research:

– 33% more likely to have consumed cider (16% of individuals said they had in the past month)
– 55% more likely to have consumed vodka (10% said they had in the past month)
– 18% more likely to have consumed premixed drinks (9% said they had in the past month).

The research also discovered a number of other points. Results displayed that Millennials look for value in their purchases but they also rate health factors such as low carb, calories, vitamin and organic as very important, much more so compared to Baby Boomers who favour value and price, particularly when purchasing alcoholic beverages such as beer and cider. The results also displayed that 62% of Millennials were willing to reject brands, products and services if they had any concerns on whether it would impact the environment in a negative way or not.

Other interesting points explored also displayed that Millennials are 52% more likely to adventure into public venues such as visiting a bar or pub in any given week with a mobile phone with them. Accordingly, over than half of Millennials (54% exactly) agreed that they can’t live without their mobile phone on them. While Millennials do drink less as a whole, Millennials are still an important group to alcoholic companies and their growth. In the past month, Millennials alone were more likely to spend more when purchasing alcohol than Generation X and Baby Boomers combined.

Studies in the past have showcased that most young individuals who are fans of drinking do so for social reasons. Although, with the rise of social media and the use, and in some cases the addiction of social media, many youth interactions, most particularly for teens and college-aged students are moving from displaying their drunk behaviour at parks and parking lots to doing so in newsfeeds and Snapchats, some doing so for social placement. It also furthers the cultural shift in which would suggest that alcohol isn’t necessarily a needed element for socialisation in youth anymore.

It also appears that the millennial-driven alcohol decline has been spreading across the globe. While Americans used to opt for a brew 60.8 percent of the time in the ’90s, that figure has now dropped to just 49.7 percent as of late, according to a study published by the Beer Institute trade group and reported by the Wall Street Journal. Whether those numbers will continue to drop is unknown – at least, for now. However, there’s no doubt it’ll impact drinking culture amongst youth in a positive direction regardless.

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