The Feuds That Brought Rap Back Into The Spotlight


A lot has happened in the past few months with music – specifically rap/hip-hop originated music. If you’re not familiar with the current events circling the music industry, like pitting Drake and Pusha-T against one another, Machine Gun Kelly throwing shots at Eminem, or Nicki Minaj and Cardi B getting into physical fights while at events, chances are you’re probably not much of a rap fan. However, those who have followed along with the current beef being broadcasted globally, do so while anticipating what the next move for those in the situation may be, whether thats diss tracks, making passive aggressive tweets or calling each other out in interviews.

Eminem’s feud with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly has dominated YouTube’s music charts and circled the internet throughout various media outlets weeks after their disagreement originally began, and bought attention in general back to rap music, something that had arguably been missing something for a long time – that something, clearly had been Eminem.

So how’d it all start? Eminem’s single “Killshot,” was released following a diss track titled “Rap Devil” that was directed at Eminem from the rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who had been previously under fire for making inappropriate comments towards Eminems daughter, Hailey. “Killshot”, a track Eminem produced to fire back at Machine Gun Kelly topped YouTube’s global and US song charts for 2 weeks straight and took out the award for the largest debut of a hip-hop song in YouTube’s history. Kelly’s single “Rap Devil,” the diss that prompted Eminem’s “Killshot,” came in at No. 3 on YouTube’s US songs chart. This is the song’s third straight week in the chart’s top five. As of today, “Killshot” has over 154 million views on YouTube, while “Rap Devil” only has 139 million views on the site.

Though the excitement surrounding a conflict in music on such a big scale may feel fresh, in practice, we’ve seen that this is just another case of history repeating itself, using production and modern styles of rap.

In July, rapper Cardi B became the first female rapper to have two Billboard number one hits and as one of just five female MCs to hit the top of the charts, alongside Lil’ Kim, Lauryn Hill, Iggy Azealea, and Shawnna, it’s safe to say Cardi B is a force in the genre.

Given the uphill battle all female rappers seemingly face in the industry at some point in time, its common to see feuding between up and coming rappers and established rappers begin as success grows. It all began early in her career, when Nicki Minaj first played part in an argument with Lil’ Kim, who accused Minaj of copying her. Now, with Minaj’s latest release “underperforming” in comparison to former releases, while Cardi B’s star does nothing but rise, the tables seem to have turned and Cardi B has taken the spot light, no doubt playing part in their new rivalry.

Despite their rivalry escalating into physical violence at events, both Minaj and Cardi B have acknowledged that the feud had been encouraged by others in the industry who had believed that the industry was only big enough for one of them. The feud has since settled down, even allowing Cardi to joke about the incident stating that even if the duo were “photographed making out”, people would still assume bad blood.

Whether you’re a fan of all the controversial feuds or not, it’s definitely bought rap back into the spotlight and fans are enjoying it and still talking about the tracks weeks later.

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