What Order should the Star Wars movies be watched in?

What order should you watch the star wars films in? If you ever find yourself dating someone who has never watched the movies, first, dump them: You can do better – believe in your self-worth! But in the event that you really can’t do this, you are probably wondering what order they should go in. Here is our “expert opinion” and the why…this is not spoiler free!

Episodes 4-6

These were released first for a very good reason. Let’s assume the “watcher” has been in a “pop culture” cave and let’s be honest if they’ve managed to avoid watching star wars trilogy this long that is almost certainly true! The reason these should be consumed prior to the prequels and why you shouldn’t just watch everything sequentially is because if you watch the prequels first, Vader’s iconic “no, I am your father” line loses it impacts because as a viewer you are like, “so what?”

Rogue One

In the post-Disney era, many consider this to be a real highlight. It is a good standalone movie and helps to fill in some gaps and plot holes. It is a different kind of Star Wars movie, and the best scene in the movie shows Darth Vader kicking ass as he powers down a corridor making mincemeat out of rebel alliance troops. Crushing them with the force and slicing through them like they didn’t exist. However it does make his Obi-Wan showdown in episode 4 seem a bit weird – hopefully following on from seeing the slightly more spry Vadar in Return of the Jedi will negate this.

Episode one

In a lot of people’s opinions, this is the worst Star Wars movie. Perhaps due to the hype factor, personally for me, it was a bit of a CGI disconnect. The final battle between Gungans and clone troopers lacked an emotional connection, does anyone care if gungans die? No, because they are annoying! Does anyone care if robots die? No, because they are robots and ones that say “Roger, Roger” a lot. There were some silver linings though! Darth Maul was a great, if massively under-used, villain!

Solo a star wars story

Following on from seeing Darth Maul’s death, his appearance at the end of this story makes it an ideal place to play it. Don’t believe the press it’s actually a decent film and I hope that Alden Ehrenreich gets an opportunity to reprise the role because his cocky swagger is great and we need more of him on our screen!

Episodes two and three

The second prequel improved in some ways on the first and in some ways got worse! The fight scenes felt more personal, and Ewan McGregor really started to come into his own as an older Obi-Wan. However, despite being a great physical actor, Hayden Christensen didn’t really have the emotional chops for his role as young Ani. Plus there was far too much “politics” and it bogged down the second episode. However, Revenge of The Sith was actually a really good movie. A much darker movie than what had preceded it, it was all action from the start and the climactic lightsabre duel was arguably the best from any of the movies

Episodes seven and eight

And soon to be nine! The last Jedi is an odd movie, it gets better the more you watch it, but feels underwhelming. It was as if director Rhian Johnson became aware of the jibes aimed at The Force Awakens, and tried to make a movie that “went against the grain” but then undid all that and the ending seemed even more cliché as a result. It was an almost movie but we are all hoping that Episode 9 ends on a high!

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