Should We Be Triggered The Fact These Items Aren’t Inclusive?

So I’m sure you will have seen the memes going around Facebook where people have been up-in-arms about the fact that “man size” tissues are thusly named when they can, in fact, be used by anyone…not just men. What nobody wants to do is to start a “flame war” where we step on the toes of any feminist groups or upset the LGBTQ community. After all, isn’t that what Reddit is for? Instead, we are going to take a satirical look at things that could do with being more inclusive!


Yes, they do chicken but is the insinuation here that only a grandmother should be allowed to enjoy their delicious spice mix? Because if that’s the case Ed Sheeran is going to be extraordinarily annoyed! (he’s a big fan of the chain) Incidentally, there seems to be a shortage of lingerie shops for the older generations, I’m thinking of launching one called Gran Summers…sorry just trying to be inclusive!



Seriously this needs a new name. We are not suggesting that it be changed to womenopause, because that would be crazy, but does it have to have men in the title? It seems like most of the women’s problems start with men! Menstrual cramps, menopause, mental health issues! Damn men!

Mother Care

Now if you are a man that walks into Mothercare and feels “triggered” by the name of the shop you probably need to get a life, really!


Isn’t this pretty self-explanatory? Because ladies do this job too! While we are at it can we do away with “binman”, “milkman”, “Fishman” the list is endless! Although I’m on the fence about changing the name of gingerbread men! I mean in fairness I have never seen one with any “man parts”


Ohh…controversial, right? I’m just saying that given the negative connotations of this word should it really include the word trans at the start? Not sure how they’d go about changing it though, equally I’m fairly certain that nobody is in the slightest bit bothered!

Burger King

Oh yes! Not even one of the worlds biggest Take-Away franchises is beyond scrutiny! Why not Burger Queen? Is there really any reason that this can’t happen? Do Burgers only taste good when they are associated with a King? We think not! I reckon Brian May would approve of a chain of Burger Queen’s as well!

The word mankind

There are a lot of people who do not like this word because of the fact that it has “man” at the beginning. People will talk of the patriarchy and how words like this come from an era that perhaps we need to move past. Maybe, they have a point? Language does evolve. Every year new words are added to the dictionary – can we not take some out? Or is that a little Orwellian? Let us know if you think it’s a double plus good idea!

5 guys restaurant

It is a sad fact that you are not allowed in this eatery unless you are a guy and you also have to be accompanied by 4 other guys. It really is a niche eatery! I’m of course kidding. The chain is so named because it was started by five brothers. Bet you feel a bit mean about judging it now, don’t ya?

Family-sized cereal

Okay so we are ripping this off from a Tweet but it was hilarious. The tweeter complained that it was unfair that only families are able to indulge in such large boxes of cereal. It’s a fair comment, what if a super-hungry bachelor or bachelorette fancy creating an incredibly large bowl of Crunchy Nut, would they have to pay more for multiple smaller boxes, that hardly seems fair, does it?

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