TV Shows That Really Need Bringing Back

There is nothing worse than when your favourite show bites the dust. We have seen it recently with the brilliant Brooklyn 99 getting shelved before getting saved. (We all breathed a collective sigh of relief!) But many shows haven’t managed to “jump the shark” so here are some shows that need bringing back, or possibly rebooting!


Let’s be honest. If Sex and the City can command a movie then the greatest sitcom of all time (ohhh controversial) deserves a movie. Just so we can see how our fave group of twenty-somethings panned out! The money involved to actually make this happen may be a stumbling block. A new series seems unlikely, but a Friends film? I’d queue to buy tickets!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Okay, so the cast are ageing now but they recently did a reunion and all met up to reminisce about the good old days. The show was groundbreaking in lots of ways. For starters, it was empowering, putting the lead protagonist as a female sent a very strong message. But the show covered a lot of issues such as bullying in schools, homosexuality, and drug addiction (handled very cleverly with a “magic addiction”).


Quantum Leap

If you didn’t watch this show as a child then your parents did parenting wrong. Sam Beckett was as good a role model as you could wish to find. Just enough sci-fi to appeal to geeks and not enough to put off the mainstream. It dealt with issues like sexism, racism etc and was a lefty wet dream. It strikes me that it needs to make a comeback! We are in an era that needs more empathy!

The Outer Limits

There is a need for more paranormal stuff in our lives. The Outer Limits was great because it didn’t get bogged down in a mythos which some shows can do. The nature of the show and it’s stand-alone episodes meant that even if you didn’t like one episode the chances are the next one would be up your street. Plus that intro was frigging cool!

Round The Twist

Keeping with the paranormal theme! Okay, so this was totally a kids show, and the acting was undeniably poor. I mean it was Australian and it made the displays are seen in Home and Away and Neighbours seem like they were award-worthy. But the stories were fab and it is worth bringing back for that theme tune alone, isn’t it?

Tru Calling

This show took a while to get going but when it did it was fantastic. The pairing of the, frankly gorgeous, Eliza Dushku and the comic genius of Zach Galifianakis was a winning combination. Unfortunately just as the show was starting to delve deeper into the “subplot” it got cancelled which was a real shame as it had that mystique where you were never quite sure who the bad guys and who the good guys were!

Gavin and Stacey

Admittedly sometimes it’s better to go out and on a high and Gavin and Stacey maintained their high quality. But the British comedy was fantastic and nobody would turn down a Christmas special!

The Inbetweeners

Another classic British comedy. It was the perfect storm of the catchy soundtrack, brilliant cast and crude, crass humour that made you cringe. It captured the imagination of teenagers and adults alike spawning two movies, although a third movie would be more welcomed! Ohh, friend!

Having compiled this list I have realised that bringing back old classics doesn’t always set the world alight. The recent X-files re-incarnation hasn’t captured the imagination as the original show did, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for these shows.

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