Dream Wrestling Matches We Will Probably Never See

WWE wrestling is a global powerhouse. The company, more than ever has a real focus on bringing in young new talent and development through their use of their exciting “feeder” promotion NXT. This has already produced world champions like Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt as well as a plethora of female wrestler who have effectively put women’s wrestling at the forefront of our consciousness. I’m talking about the likes of Asuka, Sasha Banks and of course the irrepressible Charlotte Flair! Wooo!

But what if you could build a wrestling event using any wrestlers past resent or future? What are the dream match ups we’d love to see? Here are a few suggestions:

The New Day Versus Two Cool and Rikishi

If you were a kid during the 90’s you probably loved Too Cool, the dancing duo were horrendously entertaining with their tacky dance moves and their “bit” where they popped glasses on the giant Samoan wrestler Rikishi. (who for some reason dressed as a Sumo wrestler, is sumo a thing in Samoa?) Once the shades were donned the big man would bust moves, not totally unlike Big E Langston. The New Day is one of the most popular tag teams the WWE has seen. They are hilarious and talented in the ring too! While they wouldn’t put on a classic in the ring, the entertainment factor would be brilliant!

Sting Versus The Undertaker

I guess there was a slight chance of this happening, but in some ways, I’m glad that it didn’t. The reasons people want this to happen is clear, both men are iconic for their commitment to their respective companies. Sting is synonymous with WCW and the Undertaker is a frigging institution in the WWE. Plus the pair both had a paranormal vibe for a while and slightly similar attire. An athletic Sting in his prime would have been the perfect foil for the Deadman but neither man would have the pace to do this match justice now.
CM Punk Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin
Two of the best all-around wrestlers in the game. This feud would be worth it for the trash talk alone! Both of them great stick-men and very much represent different generations. Stone Cold would represent the archetypal “man’s man” and Punk would play the part as the snotty entitled punk! Even now if this ever happened I’m convinced it would be a classic. Punk’s ring skills were brilliant.

AJ Styles Versus Shawn Michaels

If there are matches on this list that could still happen, this one needs too. AJ is one of the most talented all-rounders of all time. AJ could put on a decent match with a can of paint and Shawn Michaels never underwhelmed. This match wouldn’t need a gimmick it would sell itself! And even now would be an absolute clinic.

Hulk Hogan Versus John Cena

Okay, so it’s safe to say that if these two ever locked up they’d manage about 7 different moves between the pair of them! But there’s no doubt that they are two of the most enduring and iconic wrestlers in the history of the company. And despite his popularity, Cena would be the Heel! Is there really any doubt?

Dean Ambrose Versus Mick Foley (Cactus Jack)

The hardcore matches that Foley used to take part in are a fading memory. Occasionally the WWE let a more violent match go, but these days the product is far more family friendly. If any modern wrestler can work that style it’s Ambrose. His Ladder match with Eric Rowan was brutal and threatened to make both men into superstars. He isn’t afraid to put his body on the line and given his time in CZW that’s perhaps no surprise, imagine him going against an “in his prime” Cactus Jack, chuck them in a cell surrounded in barbed wire and see them tear one another apart! Brutal

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