The Horror Films You Should Be Watching This Halloween

It is approaching Halloween and around the time of year where we realise that we have about 2 horror movies in our DVD collection and we have seen them both 30 times. So we check Netflix only to realise that they only have Saw 17 and the 9th Paranormal Activity movie! So we hit up Amazon! If you are going to be doing that these are the films that need to appear on that shopping list!

The Exorcist

One of the most infamous movies of all time. It was banned in a lot of countries – but don’t sweat it, it’s tame by modern horror standards. Made chilling by the fact it is (very) loosely based on a true story. Is worth watching for the music alone, tubular bells is hauntingly good (pun intended). Look out for the still shot of the demon Pazuzus face!

The Shining

Somebody has to say this, without a doubt the greatest horror film ever made. From Jack Torrance’s slow descent into madness, to the hotel hauntings, and the unrivalled cinemaphotography. In every possible way, this is horror-eutopia. Even if you don’t get scares from it, you have to admire how so many of the shots helped define the genre!

Nightmare on Elm Street

Okay so this is so very eighties and let’s be honest, tremendously tacky, but I would have to say that Freddy Kreuger is the most iconic horror-movie bad guy. And if you grew up in the eighties you have almost certainly had a nightmare featuring the burned up slasher.


The Blair Witch Project

This film is very much like marmite, but it helped to invent the “found footage” subgenre of horror. The fact that it could actually be real and that not much happens in some ways made it a new concept, but in some ways, it harkens back to the days of Psycho where the suggestion creates the horror.


Okay, so the 32 sequels that followed it were just all gore fests aimed at teens with a thirst for ever-increasing dismemberments. But if you take out the (actually pretty cool) gruesome bits from Saw what you are left with is a pretty intelligent movie! Yes, it’s not exactly scary, creepy perhaps, but it is a damn good movie!

The Cabin In The Woods

Now if you watched this and didn’t really get it, then I wouldn’t be surprised. You may have even seen the ending and just thought this is stupidly tacky, what is the point? And you would be forgiven for that! It is supposed to be a film that borders on parody! It is a commentary on crap horror movies and it does it so, so well!

The Ring

This may be a little controversial but the US remake is actually okay. There are a lot of staunch fans of Japanese horror and with good reason, there are some fab horror movies to have come out of Asia: Ringu, Audition and Ju On all spring to mind! Most of them come attached with subtitles or a US remake.

Final Destination

This got milked for all it was worth. Originally the concept was going to be an X-files episode but it actually made for a pretty good film with a novel concept. However, it got silly and now there are about half a dozen films in the series!


Why do horror movies have to become horror series? Scream brought the Slasher movie into the modern world, turning conventions on their head and creating new ones, with a classic twist and youthful energetic cast. Watch the first one and skip out the rest!

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