Horror Movies Worth Giving a Miss This Halloween

We have an article telling you the films you need to be watching this Halloween, but it’s fair to say the genre has created some stinkers too! It wouldn’t be fair on other movie types if every horror was a banger, would it? So with that in mind here are some films to give a wide berth this Halloween!

Any saw film that isn’t the first one

The first Saw movie was a horror classic. Yes, it was a bit of a gorefest, but it was cerebral, chilling and thought-provoking. It had lots of blood but it wasn’t for pure shock value. Since then the movies have almost become a parody of the,selves. Beyond the first movie they are shonky, blood-lust driven, bilge, and that’s being complimentary!

Child’s Play

Yes, I know that Chucky is an Iconic horror bad guy. It doesn’t mean that this movie doesn’t suck. It really does. It’s hammy, but it’s not supposed to be! It’s supposed to be scary! At least the 18 sequels (It’s hyperbole!) realised that it was all a bit of a joke!


Any Final destination film that wasn’t the first (or at a push the fifth!)

Yes, I commented on how the first one was good because it was an original concept. That horse got seriously flogged, there are five films now when it really only needed one. The series somewhat redeemed itself with number 5, but should seriously quit while it’s ahead!

Jeepers Creepers

Great song, crap film! As with a lot of its horror compatriots, it begins with teens exploring stuff they shouldn’t. It then trudges through various tired horror tropes before showing us the tackiest looking bad guy (I legit thought it was Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie.)

Get Out

If like me, you saw the trailer and (like me) thought “this looks cool” a horror movie that approaches the ideas of racism – how novel, you will be disappointed. I mean yes it does attempt to do that, but in a film that is dire. Just watch the trailer and pretend the movie was that good rather than actually watching it. Do yourself a favour!

Drag Me To Hell

Okay, this isn’t the worst horror movie ever made. At times there are moments that do create tension and there are some legitimate scares to be found in here. Alison Lohman looks flat-out gorgeous, which doesn’t hurt and it did win a few awards. However, in the last scene, there is a talking goat. It kills it, it just makes it seem like some tacky spoof horror. Not good!

Bye Bye Man

This had a little bit of Slenderman about it! The premise was okay and at times it threatened to be a little spooky. But can you really be scared by someone called the bye bye man? Really? In a similar way to The Babbadook (actually a pretty good horror film, crap name though, right?)

Blair Witch 2

The Blair witch project was a “found footage” movie that really defined a new genre. It was genuinely chilling and ground-breaking. The sequel? Not so much! It was your typical, low budget piece of trash. The sequel didn’t use the found footage approach and instead tried to use video recordings in a “meta-way” it failed, badly! It tried to be cool by hiding “Easter eggs” in certain scenes. It failed at that too.

I spit on your grave

It was supposed to be about a badass taking revenge on her abusers. What it ended up being is a film that looked like it glorified sexual abuse. Disgusting movie! The concept, the execution there is no good here. This is the movie equivalent of Voldemort’s soul!

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