5 Times That Sitcoms Made Us All Cry

Who doesn’t love sitcoms? I think that comedy shows are the ultimate “sick day” viewing. You are off work with that nasty flu virus. You have your trusty bottle of Lucozade with you and perhaps a punnet of grapes. Watching some classic comedy to give you the perk you need. But the truly great sitcoms have it in them to hit you in the feels as well. Here are a bunch of serious moments in sitcoms that had us all reaching for the Kleenex!

When Ross and Rachel kiss for the second time

Ross and Rachel had the most enduring and endearing on-off relationship. Ross fell for Rachel and she had no idea. She found out but Ross had a girlfriend. Ross found out that Rachel liked him back but then ruined it by making a list of things he disliked about her. Then there was a frosty period before the gang all settled down to watch an old prom video. In the video, a teenage Ross is all set to take Rachel to her prom having seemingly been stood up, only to see her go with her original date. Queue us all getting misty-eyed as Monica declares “I can’t believe you did that” as Rachel goes and lays a sweet kiss on the man she is meant to be with…all together now….aww!

When Dr Cox goes off the rails

For those of you who have never indulged in Scrubs it is well worth a watch. With its tendency to drift into the slightly surreal thanks to the daydreams of the lead protagonist, JD. (played wonderfully by Zack Braff.) In this series of episodes JD’s mentor, Dr Cox screws up by transplanting organs that have rabies leading to the deaths of three patients. JD’s attempt to bring Cox back from his own self-destruction pulls at the heartstrings on several occasions but none more so than when JD tells cox that he is the type of doctor he wants to be.

When Ted gives his “love” speech

How I met your mother is chock full of scenes that hit ya in the feels. Selecting just one was a nightmare. But this is a good one. Ted is in the midst of ending a toxic relationship with a girl who is a little bit of a whack job. The woman questions Ted about why he is always doing things for Robin (Ted’s long-running love interest) the resulting speech is moving and memorable, including this: “If you are looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality, and wanting them to have everything they want, no matter how much it destroys you, it’s love.”

When Will Cries About His Dad Leaving

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is the show that helped propel Will Smith into the stratosphere. In one particularly poignant scene, Smith shows his early acting chops in an episode where his father lets him down. He pours his heart out to his uncle Phil in a heart-breaking scene. What makes it, even more, tear-jerking is the fact that the scene was very much real. Although Will never had issues with his own father (contrary to popular belief). The outpouring was from the heart as was the very real hug that co-star James Avery gave to him.

Sheldon patching things up with his brother

The Big Bang theory has many emotional moments. One of the most notable is when Sheldon, not really known for displaying his emotions, nor for his apologetic nature, apologises to his brother. The two had been at loggerheads and his elder brother pours out his heart. It is a truly touching moment.

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