Got A Hangover? Here Are Some Suggestions To Get Your Weekend Back On Track

Drinking is fun. It helps ugly people get laid. Helps you sing and dance better and makes you hilariously funny, in nobodies’ eyes but your own!

However, despite all of its positive qualities, including the ability to turn a 6 into a solid 9 (Not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse!), It does have one fairly dramatic downside. If you have gotten drunk on more than one occasion then I suspect you have had a hangover.

What is a hangover? Well, I’ll spare you a massive science lecture, but basically, when you drink, you pee more and get dehydrated. Mainly because alcohol acts as a diuretic – okay that’s a little bit of science. So the hangover is your body’s response to a lack of fluids. It’s a tiny bit more complex than that, but that’s pretty much it.

So how do you avoid that problem? Well, we veterans know the solution. As soon as you get home (or better yet in between drinks) get water in you. Water hydrates you and is one of the single best ways to avoid the dreaded morning after. I have been spared many a rough morning with a pint of tap water and a paracetamol before bed.

But we’ve all been there. You roll in from a top night out at 3 am and totally forget to have a glass of water. You wake up feeling rougher than a badgers butt crack. (Incidentally, I have no experience as to the smoothness or otherwise of the butt crack of a badger, I’m just postulating!)

So what’s the answer to this? Well, there are as many hangover cures as there are drinks that cause them, but here we will look at some of the greatest remedies that money can buy.

The Bloody Mary

It’s a classic, isn’t it? Although it does look a bit like the remains from the filming of a horror movie. Having said that it’s not half bad. A basic bloody Mary contains vodka, tomato juice and Worcester sauce, and they whack celery in there too. God knows why they do that gin tastes enough like celery as it is! As with a few hangover cures, this one relies on the hair of the dog theory. The suggestion is that more alcohol will fix ya, it doesn’t, although it can make you a bit drunk again so you don’t notice!

Full English

Now I’m not sure of the science behind this. Probably something about replacing lost salts? Who cares? Is there any better feeling then wolfing down sausages, bacon and Hash Browns? Hell, I’m not even hung over and I could go for that right now!

Bouillon soup

This one is not as fun as the brekkie, but it comes NHS recommended. So is probably one of the best on the list. It’s hydrating and provides your body with essential nutrients that have been lost.

Other things that help.

These are based purely on my experience. My hangover routine looks like this: Paracetamol for the head. Get liquids in you, sugary stuff is best. OJ does the trick or even better is that Lucozade sports juice – the bonus is that it’s delicious. A shower is essential, the warm water will help your head. Brush your teeth, the stale alcohol on your breath makes you feel worse…Then off to the café for your full English! If this still isn’t working get yourself to the gym. In theory, sweating profusely should dehydrate you further. I don’t know if sweating out toxins from your system is really a thing but I swear that getting active after a rough night helps.

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