The Different Signs Of The Zodiac Have Different Erogenous Zones Here’s Yours

The signs of the zodiac are often associated with different personality traits. If you are into such things you will undoubtedly know a typically hot-headed Aries or a fiercely loyal Leo but you may not know that each star sign has a body part associated with it.

Aries: head

Yes, Aries are hot-headed and therefore it may not surprise you to know that their associated part is their head. Aries may well suffer from stress headaches as a person’s body part is prone to issues. (As well as being sensitive!) Rubbing their head is the way to their heart and they may even be up for a bit of hair pulling in the heat of the moment. Start off gentle though – you don’t want to kill the mood!

Taurus: neck and throat

Taurus’ love to have their neck kissed and licked, maybe even bitten or choked. (If they are a bit kinky!)

Gemini: lungs, shoulders, arms and hands

The hands of a Gemini are especially sensitive. Putting them in your mouth and licking them during foreplay is likely to have a typical Gemini in ecstasy. But by all means, explore all up and down their arms they will love you for it!

Cancer: chest, breasts and stomach

Yep, cancers are the “boob” sign! They love having their breasts, or chests stroked and their nipples played with.

Leo: heart and upper back

Leos are sensitive but brave. They may suffer from heart palpitations when anxious. But they will especially like having their back touched. Running a feather or something similar up their spine will drive them wild. Like a lion should be!

Virgo: abdomen and digestive system

Virgos can be perfectionists! Their body part being stomach related means they may well suffer from issues such as IBS, but as with every sign, there is fun to be had here too. Although typically uptight in nature a Virgo will let go of their stresses if you stimulate their stomach. Try running an ice cube over their tummy and see them squeal with delight!

Libra: kidneys and anus

Libras tend to have a fascination with “Butt-stuff”. So with a Libra, they may well be open to erm…well why not start with a finger and see what happens from there?

Scorpio: genitals

Not sure you will really need many directions here! If you don’t know what to do with your partner’s genitals then can I suggest watching Pornhub for some pointers? Word of warning though, Scorpios are known for their sexual appetite and being as their associated body part is their genitals they are susceptible to STI’s! So proceed with caution lest you develop the crotch rot!

Sagittarius: hips and thighs

You will notice (If you’re a woman) That if your guy is going for doggy style he will almost always pull you by your hips if he is a Sagittarian. They love having their hips and thighs played with during foreplay and during intercourse itself.

Capricorn: knees and bones

Capricorn’s like nothing more than a sensual massage. Focus especially on the area behind their knees as this is particularly sensitive. Their knees and bones may get a bit worse for wear though so make sure that you find a comfortable position. If your lady is a Capricorn don’t keep her on all fours for extended periods.

Aquarius: calves, shins and ankles

During foreplay get into the 69 positions and rub the ankles of an Aquarius. You will love the results!

Pisces: Feet

Pisces love to please so will let you do pretty much whatever, even at the own expense! They may either love or hate having their feet played with depending on how sensitive they are so good communication is a must!

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