4 Ordinary People Who Became Heroes


1. Darnell Barton

Back in 2013, a New York bus driver by the name of Darnell Barton was driving his regular afternoon route with a bus full of teenage high-school children as his passengers, when he suddenly noticed a woman on the far side of the guardrail of an overpass, standing over the busy expressway below. While many other citizens drove, cycled, and even walked past the distraught and upset woman, Darnell Barton safely stopped his bus and decided to take action. The former volunteer firefighter stopped the bus and carefully approached the woman, and asked if she was all right. When he received no response, Barton radioed for police, then approached the woman and wrapped his arm around her, asking if she wanted to step back over the guardrail. She agreed. For 20 minutes, Barton spoke to the woman in her 20’s and reassured her that she could get the help she needed, to which she agreed to take the steps to receiving when police officers arrived on site.

2. James Persyn

A young boy, Michigan boy by the name of James Persyn III who was (at the time) only 14-year-old was watching TV while his two younger siblings were playing in the living room. Their father, Angus Persyn Jr. momentarily left the house to pick up his fiance’ who was working nearby, leaving James in charge to watch over his siblings during the short commute.

According to reports, shortly after his father left their Michigan home, James heard a loud banging at the door by a panicked woman. The woman turned out to be a student at Central Michigan University, who had earlier been raped by a 30-year-old ex-con, Eric Ramsey and was running away to seek help. On arrival, James noticed the young woman had clear packing tape wrapped around her body and was covered with bruises. Bravely, James opened the door and let her in and hid the woman, along with himself and his siblings in the bathroom upstairs. Shortly after, Ramsey doused it with gasoline and left. After a quick call to his father and 911, Ramsey was shortly found and shot, and killed by police. James’ father luckily arrived home to stop the fire from spreading and the injured woman received urgent medical attention.

3. Lauren Prezioso

In 2014, Lauren Prezioso, a resident who lived in Coffs Harbour Creek in New South Wales, Australia, was visiting the Coffs Harbour Creek beach with her husband and her young son when she suddenly, she heard a mother’s cries for help. Lauren quickly acted and discovered that the mothers two sons were being swept out to sea while stuck in a current. When no lifeguards were in sight and no one went to the boys aid, Lauren dove into the water herself, despite being eight months pregnant and reached the boys, and held them up in the water. Just as she was about to go under again, a similarly heroic beachgoer assisted Laurens and pulled them to safety. To this day, Lauren contends that the fellow beachgoer is the true hero.

4. Man Vs. Alligator

On a father and son canoe trip in Florida, Joe Welch and his son, 6 year old Joey, were paddling in their canoe when Joey fell into shallow water and into the jaws of an 8-foot, long alligator. Joey’s father, knowing he had no time to waste decided that he would jump into tthe water and punch the alligator repeatedly in the head, an act that he later described as feeling  “like I was hitting cinder block.”

After spotting the two in trouble, another good Samaritan phoned the nearest animal control office and explained the situation, and the proper authorities were promptly dispatched. On arrival, the alligator was still deemed aggressive and was shot by officials to avoid further incident.

Thanks to the quick thinking of his father, Joey only ended up walking away with minor scrapes.

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