Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

With Halloween all but a bat’s wing away there will be many of you that totally forgot that they were invited to a party and that its fancy dress. Bad Times! And being as it is the end of the month and a lot of people are, to use a bit of rhyming slang…Keith Flint you probably need something that is cheap and easy to pull off so here are our spooky suggestions!

The Mummy.

Get down to your local charity shop and pick up a white double bed sheet. Get an old set of clothes (preferably white!) and super glue strips of the sheet to the clothing. If you want it to look extra authentic make up some tea in a tray and stain the cloth! Just beware of anyone that looks vaguely like Brendon Fraser this Halloween!

Trendy Vampire

You can pick up a pair of vampire teeth for less than a quid! Then it’s just a case of throwing on a ton of gothic looking, and dark clothes. Red and black clothes are the best. If you have some white face makeup kicking around you can use it to give yourself a pallid face. If you have lipstick grab a thin paintbrush and dab the lipstick and then apply around your eyes to give a creepy vampiric look. To complete the look, if you’re a guy slick back your hair, or for the ladies, get backcombing to give yourself that gothic volume!


This is possibly the easiest costume to throw together. Get some old clothes you don’t want anymore and rip them up a bit. Head out to the garden and give them a bit of a rub in the dirt. Invest in a cheapie bottle of fake blood and douse the clothes with this. If you have some of that oh-so-useful white face paint then so much the better for giving you that undead look. Then just a bit of fake blood smeared around your mouth to make it look like you’ve been chomping on humans. If you have a bit more money invest in some liquid latex. (Can be found in most joke shops.) Use this to create some cool looking wounds! There are tutorials on YouTube!

Tacky vampire

Okay, we have covered the “vampire diaries”/”Buffy the vampire slayer” vamp, but I you want to go old school then throw on a white shirt. Use an old shoelace as a tie and cut up an old bin bag to make a cape and all of a sudden you are the reincarnation of Dracula. Personally, I prefer the upmarket approach but that’s just me!

The Witch

Mainly for the ladies this one. Sure you can invest in some pretty cheap witch costumes. But the hats can be picked up for next to nothing and will totally go with that little black dress you love! Making it the lowest fuss costume you could really ask for. (And you will still look hot!) If you want to go “all out” invest in some green face paint. You will still look pretty with a green face as anyone who has seen the stage show Wicked will attest to!


Yes, it is so overdone, but we are not looking to be original here! Scream masks are available in Poundland and Wilkos for a pittance. To be fair a black robe can usually be purchased pretty cheaply too. But if you are super tight just pick up an old black bed sheet from a charity shop and make yourself a poncho! You will be the envy exactly none of your friends – but at least you will have a costume for Halloween!

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