Spice Up Your Sex Life 10 Signs That Your Girl Is Bored In Bed

So how do you know if your girl is bored unless by chance she just happens to come out and tell you here are some signs your sex life is on the fritz!

1) Ask her! And don’t take it personally if she’s not happy. If anything this is good as it gives you the opportunity to make it less boring! Surely having more exciting sex can only be a good thing, right?

2) Has she stopped having sex with you? Maybe this is because she’s on her period, maybe she’s feeling insecure. But there’s every chance it’s actually not because of her. It’s because of you. Don’t let your fragile ego fool you into thinking that her “not putting out” couldn’t possibly be about you.

3) Look out for hints guys. If you are watching something like “fifty shades of Grey” together and she comes out with a line like “I wish my love life could be more like that” that is not a throwaway comment. Follow it up and give your girl what she actually wants!

4) From times people can be passive aggressive. However, they may drop hints when in this frame of mind. Look out for a story about a “friend” whose sex life has been really rubbish. That friend is her (you figured that out, right?) So do not ignore this! She might even ask you for advice for this “friend”. If you manage to pick up on this subtext you can use this to your advantage and turn what seems like a losing situation into a positive.

5) Most communication isn’t about what is said it is about how it is said. That is why body language is so important. Now women may be able to control their body language during a conversation, but that won’t be the case during sex! Sure women can fake an orgasm but even a classically trained actress can’t fake leg spasms, rapid breathing and an elevated pulse. I’m not suggesting you take her pulse during sex, but read the signs!

6) Has she started to look at other guys? She doesn’t have to be obvious about this (as you yourself probably are when you do it!) but glancing at guys when that wasn’t something she did before is a bad sign. It suggests she is starving for decent sex and has started to eye up what is on the menu! Beware!

7) Has she suddenly become way more flirty around other guys? If so it may be to get a passionate reaction from you or it might be that she’s bored and looking for your replacement!

8) Has she stopped doing the stuff that you used to do together that led to sex? Perhaps you used to go dancing together and it always led to some nookie? Maybe you were always a Netflix and chill kind of couple and now it’s more like Netflix and sleeps. She is probably doing this so she doesn’t have to make an excuse anymore!

9) Has she stopped making an effort? If your girl has stopped caring about her appearance and her regular routines there is a chance this is because she no longer wants you to see her and think about sex. Notice how she still puts her make up on when she goes to work? Why do you suppose that is?

10) And finally, if other forms of affection have dried up to this is a major red flag. Chances are she doesn’t want to kiss you anymore just in case it leads somewhere else. But with no affection at all is the relationship even sustainable? Probably not!

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