Struggling Mid – Movember? These Iconic Mo’s Are Hear To Help!

With Movember in full swing, about 10% of the male population is sporting some kind of god-awful facial hair. On behalf of men kind everywhere, I’d like to apologise ladies, but it is for a good cause.

For those not in the know, Movember is a charity where guys grow a moustache. They start November clean shaven and grow their “mo” throughout the month raising awareness (and hopefully a little cash) for a few select men’s charities. These include mental health, testicular and prostate cancer charities. So for those guys who are in full mo-flow here is your inspiration with some of the best mo’s of all time

Burt Reynolds

Sadly Mr Reynolds recently passed away but his moustache will live on in our memories as one of the most iconic. The Smokey and The Bandit star’s face fuzz was a thing of beauty.

Tom Selleck

I cannot be the only person who used to get Selleck and the aforementioned Reynolds mixed up? Both cut from the same cloth, tall, dark, handsome actors who personified manliness with their magnificent moustaches!

Des Lynam

Anybody who used to watch a Match Of The Day during the nineties will be familiar with Des’s moustache. The sportscaster/host was so famous that they even made a movie about him (My Summer With Des) his moustache is a thing of beauty.

Julian Barratt

The Mighty Boosh Star also has a mighty fine mo! A half-handlebar effort, he helped take moustaches out of the eighties and bring them right back into our living rooms once more.

Charlie Chaplin

Interesting fact about Charlie Chaplin – he once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest and came third! Remarkable eh? The globally renowned silent movie star was well-known for his signature look including his playful mo.

Mahatma Gandhi

Is it just me or did Gandhi have a face that you just wanted to squeeze? The peace-loving leader is famous for the changes he made to modern attitudes and for a wealth of wise words and bold actions. But he also had a rather cool moustache too.

Freddy Mercury

Only the good die young, right? Freddy Mercury is an example of a prestigious talent taken from us far too early. The Queen frontman is legendary for his unique operatic voice that really made the band Queen into the unique act they were. He also rocked a mo like no other!

Hulk Hogan

What you gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? Hulk Hogan was an eighties icon. From making pro-wrestling into what it is today to tearing up Holywood with his role in Rocky 3 and his own “hit” movies. The Hulkster is a living legend and that’s without touching on his signature blond, handlebar moustache. Can you imagine a clean-shaven Hulk? Nor us!

Albert Einstein

You’ve had the brawn, now for the brains. One of the greatest scientific minds of all time. He didn’t just bring us the theory of relativity but an awesome signature look, including iconic “mad scientist” hair and his trademark moustache which has made him an easy character for fancy dress lovers to imitate.

Salvador Dali

The eccentric, surrealist artist is often associated with the weird and wonderful, partly due to his crazy facial hair and his equally bizarre artwork.

The dark side of the mo

Comic book villains are often imagined with a moustache and some real life “bad guys” have unfortunately rocked a mo. Let’s be honest we all know a certain German dictator who sort of ruined a particular moustache for the rest of us, there was a Russian dictator with a fairly prominent mo too!

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