Sex In The Pool May Not Be As Cool As You Think

If you are blessed to have been around during the nineties then you will no doubt remember the movie Wild Things and in particular the iconic lesbian pool scene.
If you’ve seen that film it probably gave you the same fantasy that most kinky men and women have…to get jiggy in the pool!

As great as the idea of “pool sex” might seem it’s actually probably something you want to avoid. Just ask legendary “sex-pert” Dr Ruth Westheimer who claims it ’s one of the most disgusting things you can do. The reason for this? Well primarily because most swimming pools contain rather a lot of wee!

The science bit

This comes on the back of scientists discovering a method of easily identifying urine levels in pools. The problem is that urine mixed with the chemicals found in pools can be a nasty combination.

The University of Alberta has revealed that in a commercial-size swimming you will likely find up to 20 gallons of pee! So in your average hotel-sized pool that equate to probably about two gallons!

Finding this out probably won’t just put you off pool sex, but swimming in general. I mean just the mere thought of getting in a pool now. It’s like taking a joint of pork and leaving it to marinade in BBQ sauce. Only it’s not pork, it’s your body. And it’s not BBQ sauce it’s somebody else’s wee!

Okay, so I have probably impressed upon you the fact that swimming around in a sea of yellow is pretty bloody grim. But it gets worse, because as I touched on before that pungent potpourri of pee and chemicals, well that stuff can be pretty nasty!

An article from NPR reports:

“Apart from being gross, that’s [pee in the pool] also a potential health hazard. Chlorine reacts with urine to form a host of potentially toxic compounds called disinfection by-products. These can include anything from the chloramines that give well-used pools the aforementioned odour, to cyanogen chloride, which is classified as a chemical warfare agent.

There are also nitrosamines, which can cause cancer. There’s not enough evidence to say whether the nitrosamine levels in pools increase cancer risk, but one study in Spain did find more bladder cancers in some long-term swimmers.”

I know what you are thinking. Yes, if mixed with the right chemical your pee can become a chemical warfare agent. That’s going to make a really weird storyline for the new series of 24!

Bet it smells clean!

What’s more. If you are anything like me then you will probably have assumed in the past that the strong chlorine smell you get at pools is a good sign. Surely that means that the pool is kept really clean, right? Well not exactly! That smell is given off when the chlorine reacts with the chemicals it is trying to disinfect. What that means effectively is the stronger that smell (Which I actually really like. Go figure!) The dirtier the pool.

That smell, believe it or not, is a substance called chloramines, and where do they come from? When chlorine mixes with Nitrogen. Where does that Nitrogen come from? wee and sweat! Gross!

So there you have it. Don’t get me wrong if the pool has a low odour it’s probably relatively clean, but even if that is the case there is probably still some pee in there. And for a lot of you, I’m sure just a little, is a little too much.

If it smells like the local swimming baths. Stay away unless you want your intimate areas to be tickled with all manner of nasties! And maybe relegate the pool sex to the realm of fantasies, or better yet just do it in the bath!

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