10 Signs That Your Partner May Be Cheating

Here is a list of things to look out for. If there is a combination of these in your man or woman’s life then perhaps it’s time to start worrying that they’re cheating.

1. Change in behaviour

We as a species tend to be creatures of habit. If those habits change it could be a sign there is cheating going on.

It’s important to realise that there could be other factors that lead to a break in routine. But things to look out for would be your partner giving up a club they used to love. Or maybe working more late shifts then they used to.

2. Sudden unavailability

Obviously be sensible about this. If your other half tells you they are at work and you call them at work and they are there. It’s probably all good!

The thing to really look out for is instances where they are “nowhere to be found”.
Of course, they may be planning an awesome engagement or surprise holidays. But there’s a fine line between trusting and being naive.

3. Interest in personal appearance

This will usually be in a positive direction. If they have started hitting the gym for no reason and at the age of 25 decided that they need to wear hair product then chances are there is a motive for it.

Of course, their motivation could be that they are going through a midlife crisis and being a bit more healthy shouldn’t be discouraged, but if this is one of many red flags then don’t ignore it!

4. Acting guilty

If you have been with your partner a while you will know their “guilt face”. Have they suddenly decided to start buying you gifts for no reason?

Or are there other clues? Are they losing sleep for instance? This could be a sign that they are struggling to deal with the thing that they are doing.

5. Change in sexual behaviour

This doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of interest in sex. Obviously, if they are getting it somewhere else they don’t need you anymore do they? But oddly it can have the opposite effect as they try to compensate.

Also look out for them suddenly learning new tricks. If you are a “one position” couple and he starts doing that thing from page 47 of the karma sutra, why is that?

6. Seeming secretive

If you guy or girl usually wears their heart on their sleeve but has suddenly become a closed book then maybe it’s time to worry.

If your other half is being vague, contradicting themselves, going into other rooms to take calls? Taking their phone into the shower with them? All of these things are massively suspicious and shouldn’t be ignored.

7. Picking Fights

Of course, you may be a couple that fights a lot anyway. That’s just the way some couples handle their business!

But occasionally a wily partner will deliberately, and subtly provoke arguments, this way they feel they justify their infidelity and can use the relationship tension as an excuse. To be fair that’s the actions of someone with narcissistic tendencies so you may wanna be wary anyway!

8. Emotional distance

It doesn’t a genius to figure this out. If someone isn’t really “in the room” when you are talking to them you have to question where their head is at. Once again you can’t assume. It could be that they are stressed from work and never underestimate the effect of something like depression or anxiety on a person’s demeanour.

9. Online and phone use

fairly certain that in the modern era this is one of the biggest give-aways if your partner is a cheater.

If they are protective over their phone. If they are getting way more messages then they used to, these can all be clues as to a wandering penis/vagina.

10. Your Gut

This one is vital. You know your partner better than most. Is there other things that can explain these behaviours? How are things between you? Trust your instincts but don’t follow them blindly.

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